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1 The globalization of angel investments: Evidence across countries
عمومی سازی سرمایه گذاری های فرشته ای: شواهدی از کشورهای مختلف-2018
This paper examines the role of investments by angel groups across a heterogeneous set of 21 countries with varying entrepreneurship ecosystems. Exploiting quasi-random assignment of deals around the groups’ funding thresholds, we find a positive impact of funding on firm growth, performance, survival, and follow-on fundraising, which is independent of the level of venture activity and entrepreneur-friendliness in the country. However, the maturity of startups that apply for funding (and are ultimately funded) inversely correlates with the entrepreneurship-friendliness of the country. This may reflect self-censoring by early-stage firms that do not expect to receive funding in these environments.
keywords: Contracts |Entrepreneurial finance |Venture capital
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2 Institutional entrepreneurship, practice memory, and cultural memory: Choice and creativity in the pursuit of endogenous change of local authority budgeting
کارآفرینی سازمانی، حافظه عملی و حافظه فرهنگی: انتخاب و خلاقیت در پیگیری تغییر درون زای بودجه گذاری موضعی اولیای امور-2018
This paper explores how a lower government organisation can act as an institutional entrepreneur. It builds on recent public sector budgeting research that identified the endogenisation of budget rules as an important element of institutional entrepreneurship. Inspired by a Witt gensteinian practice theory we identify rules as one element of budget practices and proceed to investigate the endogenisation of another element, termed teleoaffective structure. It refers to the objectives and ends of a practice and the moods and emotions with which they tend to be associated. We develop our argument with reference to two innovative accounting practices developed by Newcastle City Council in order to address radical cutbacks of their central government grants. We emphasise the historical dimension of the endogenisation of teleoaffective structure and show in particular the potential significance of practice memory and cultural memory for shaping teleoaffective structure.
keywords: Neo-institutional theory| Institutional entrepreneurs| Budgeting| Local government| Practice theory| Practice memory| Cultural memory
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3 Management accounting as a political resource for enabling embedded agency
حسابداری مدیریت به عنوان یک منبع سیاسی برای توانمندسازی عامل تعبیه شده-2018
How actors embedded in institutions can change those institutions is known as the paradox of embedded agency. Although academic interest in embedded agency has increased in recent years, what enables actors to engage in embedded agency is still not well understood. One resource that may assist actors in realising embedded agency and overcoming political resistance by opponents to change is management accounting, as management accounting can—among other functions—serve as an important information resource for actors willing to engage in embedded agency. Although the existing literature may not explicitly refer to embedded agency, published research studies are likely to already contain some evidence of the role of management accounting as a resource in institutional work. Thus, this study seeks to survey and re-analyse the existing literature for evidence regarding how management accounting may be used as a political resource that enables embedded agency. For this purpose, the study uses systematic literature review methods and demonstrates why and how management accounting may serve as a political resource in institutional change. The study develops six roles concerning how management accounting may be used as a political resource in the identification of a need for and gaining others’ support for and the implementation of institutional change. It further shows that management accounting may be at interplay with other factors in enabling embedded agency. Finally, the review findings suggest that management accounting may be an important resource not only in legitimising institutional change ex post but also in identifying the need for change, gaining others’ support for change and implementing change.
keywords: Management accounting| Embedded agency| Institutional entrepreneurship| Institutional work| Institutional change| Organisational politics| Organisational power
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4 Regional ICT access and entrepreneurship: Evidence from China
دسترسی به ICT منطقه ای و کارآفرینی: شواهدی از چین-2018
Entrepreneurship has become increasingly important for innovations and economic development. However, there is limited information systems research examining the role of regional ICT for entrepreneurs. This study investigates the direct effect of regional ICT access on individuals’ entrepreneurial performance and the interaction effect between regional ICT access and guanxi in the context of Chinese business and economy. Drawing upon a matched large-scale dataset, we found that regional ICT access in terms of access to the Internet, fixed phone, and mobile phone had a significant impact on performance. Furthermore, regional ICT access had a positive interaction effect with guanxi.
keywords: Regional ICT access| Guanxi| Entrepreneurship| China
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5 Effects of entrepreneurship and IT fashion on SMEs’ transformation toward cloud service through mediation of trust
تاثیرات کارآفرینی و فناوری اطلاعات روی تغییرشکل SME ها به سمت خدمات ابری ازطریق وساطت اعتماد-2018
This study draws from strategic choice theory, management fashion theory, and trust research to investigate organizational transformation toward cloud service. Considering organizations’ substantive rationality, this study proposes that SMEs’ entrepreneurial orientation and the institutional pressures received from the marketplace provide motives for their cloud transformation intention. These influences are mediated by a complex trust-building process. A survey involving 107 Chinese SMEs was conducted to validate our research model. The results illustrate that SMEs’ trust building toward the cloud-related situation and artifact plays a critical role in mediating the effects of strategic orientation and institutional pressures on their cloud transformation.
keywords: Cloud service| Innovation adoption| Entrepreneurship| Institutional pressure| Trust| Management fashion
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6 دسترسی به ICT محلی و کار آفرینی: شواهد و مدارکی از چین
سال انتشار: 2018 - تعداد صفحات فایل pdf انگلیسی: 11 - تعداد صفحات فایل doc فارسی: 36
کار افرینی به طور فزاینده ای برای نواوری و توسعه اقتصادی اهمیت دارد. با وجود این؛ تحقیقاتی در مورد سیستم های اطلاعات محدود وجود دارد که نقش فناوری اطلاعات و ارتباطات محلی (ICT) را برای کارآفرینان بررسی می کند. این مطالعه اثر مستقیم از دسترسی به ICT محلی در عملکرد کارافرینی افراد و اثر متقابل بین دسترسی به ICT محلی و guanxi در کسب و کار و اقتصاد چین را بررسی می کند. بر اساس یک پایگاه داده تطبیق یافته مقیاس – بزرگ ؛ ما یافت کرده ایم که دسترسی به ICT محلی در از لحاظ دسترسی به اینترنت؛ تلفن ثابت؛ و تلفن همراه تاثیر قابل توجهی در عملکرد ها دارد. بنابراین؛ دسترسی به ICT محلی اثر متقابل مثبت همراه guanxi دارد.
لغات کلیدی: دسترسی به ICT محلی | guanxi | کار افرینی | چین.
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7 Career decisions of immigrants: Role of identity and social embeddedness
تصمیمات شغلی پناهنده ها: نقش هویت و انسجام اجتماعی-2018
Recent years have witnessed an increase in the number of individuals who leave their nation of origin and immigrate to live in other nations. The acculturation literature has noted several issues immigrants face in their host nation. Amongst these, establishing a career is of considerable importance. However, existing career theories have been criticized for their failure to identify the antecedents and explain the mechanism which underlies immigrants career decision making. Importantly, these theories ignore the role of social identity in this process. To this end, this paper develops an identity-centric framework to explain the manner in which immigrants social identity influences their career decisions and provides an understanding of the psychological, sociological and cognitive mechanism that underlies this process.
keywords: Immigrant careers |Social identity |Social embeddedness |Ethnic entrepreneurship |Ethnic employment |Mainstream entrepreneurship |Mainstream employment |Occupational identity
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8 Linking entrepreneurial orientation to project success
ربط دادن جهت گیری کارآفرینانه به موفقیت پروژه-2018
Entrepreneurial orientation (EO) is a strategic posture of an organization, and it is related to basic policies and practices for the development of entrepreneurial actions looking for creating competitive advantages. This study develops and tests a model of the relationship between entrepreneurial orientation and project success in Brazilian context. As quantitative research, a survey was used to collect data. A sample of 100 valid answers from project practitioners was treated through the structural equation modeling method. As research implications, the main result points out the positive correlation between the entrepreneurial orientation and the project success, contributing to the development of this research subject and helping to minimize the gap in the literature that addresses the relationship between project success and EO. In practical terms, understanding that innovativeness, risk taking, proactiveness, autonomy and competitive aggressiveness (the dimensions of the EO) can contribute to project success and can also indirectly impact on organizational performance, could help organizations get competitive advantage when developing correlate factors. Finally, the results suggest that practices of project management can be aligned to the firms entrepreneurial orientation to enable firms to attain better results in their projects and generate a competitive advantage. On other hand, given the proportion of the impact of EO on project success (20.3%) identified in this study, it is critical that project management professionals expand their horizon to recognize other factors that affect project success.
keywords: Project management |Project success |Entrepreneurial orientation |Entrepreneurship |Structural equation modeling |Smart |PLS
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9 The project-oriented organization and its contribution to innovation
سازمان پروژه گرا و سهم آن در نوآوری-2018
This paper presents a new conceptualization of the project-oriented organization. The project-oriented organization is conceptualized as an entrepreneurial, future- and stakeholder-oriented innovating organization, which uses projects as temporary, task-focused organizations, to define, develop, and implement its strategies, to transform its structure, culture and behavior, and to define and develop new products, services, and business models. The concept of the project-oriented organization consists of the three segments (1) values, (2) structures, and (3) people. For each segment three important areas are described, which characterize a project-oriented organization. The model is theoretically based on a wide spectrum of management disciplines: (1) The orientations in the value segment have been developed in entrepreneurship, strategic management and technology and innovation management; (2) The foundations for the design of the socio-technical artefacts in the structure segment of derived from organizational design, planning and controlling, and ICT systems theory; (3) The foundations for the elements of the human side come from organizational behavior, human resource management, and knowledge management theories. Our model shows a clear linkage to these theories, references key articles, and gives special consideration to empirical studies in the realm of projects, programs, project portfolios, and project-based or project-oriented organizations. Thus, our assumption that the elements of our model are supposed to increase project success, innovation success, and business success is based on empirical evidence.
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10 Cost of experimentation and the evolution of venture capital
هزینه بررسی و تکامل سرمایه فروش-2018
We study how technological shocks to the cost of starting new businesses have led the venture capital model to adapt in fundamental ways over the prior decade. We both document and provide a framework to understand the changes in the investment strategy of venture capitalists (VCs) in recent years – an increased prevalence of a “spray and pray” investment approach – where investors provide a little funding and limited governance to an increased number of startups that they are more likely to abandon, but where initial experiments significantly inform beliefs about the future potential of the venture. This adaptation and related entry by new financial intermediaries has led to a disproportionate rise in innovations where information on future prospects is revealed quickly and cheaply, and reduced the relative share of innovation in complex technologies where initial experiments cost more and reveal less.
keywords: Innovation |Venture capital |Entrepreneurship |Investing |Abandonment options
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