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1 “Hands on” versus “empty”: Supervision experiences of frontline child welfare workers
"دست های پر" دربرابر" خالی": تجربیات نظارتی کارگران کودک طلایه دار-2018
Quality supervision positively relates to frontline child welfare worker job satisfaction; worker empowerment and self-efficacy; the quality of client outcomes; and worker retention. Despite the importance of supervisory experiences, few studies describe workers perceptions of their relationships and experiences with their supervisors. The study applied the tenet of self-perpetuating, reinforcing relationships within the social exchange theory to understand newly-hired workers experiences of supervision. We used inductive, thematic analysis to examine interview data focused on workers transitions from training to casework including their supervision experiences. The qualitative subsample (N = 38) was drawn from the Florida Study of Professionals for Safe Families (FSPSF), a statewide sample of recently-hired frontline child welfare workers. Approximately one half of workers considered their current supervisory experiences as “hands on” and cooperative while the remaining half, conversely, described them as “empty” and detached. Findings reflect interactions in four domains: supervisor availability and approachability; consistency of provided information; level of micromanagement; and level of support. Workers, regardless of their experiences, expected supervisors to be available, knowledgeable, micromanagers, and supportive. Congruent with self-perpetuating, reinforcing relationships, almost universally, workers with cooperative experiences had their expectations met in each domain while those with detached experiences struggled in each area. Findings yield implications for training to guide relationships between supervisors and newly-hired workers: provide “hands on” supervisors and “check in” with newly-hired workers; provide micromanagement, including periodic accompaniment on home visits; provide an agency-approved checklist to guide workers through case processes; and support workers holistically.
keywords: Child welfare workers |Supervision |Training |Preparation |Workplace support
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2 Effects of corporate social responsibility on employees in the casino industry
تاثیرات مسئولیت پذیری اجتماعی شرکتی روی کارکنان در صنعت تفریح-2018
The current study examines CSR issues in the casino context from employees perspectives, especially due to the essential role of employees for business success in service industries. This study first investigates the main effect of employees perceived CSR on organizational commitment, mediated by job satisfaction. This study further explores this mediated relationship by incorporating employees perceptions of the casino industry as a moderator, based on social identity theory which appears particularly well-suited to support the proposed moderating effect in the casino context due to the industrys controversial nature. The results support the proposed hypotheses, making theoretical and managerial implications, especially with the finding of employees perceptions of the casino industry as a new and significant moderator. Such finding also makes a managerial contribution by suggesting the importance of creating and/or improving employees general perceptions about the casino industry which will eventually help to enhance the employees commitment to their organization.
keywords: Corporate social responsibility |Perceptions of the casino industry |Organizational commitment |Job satisfaction
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3 A qualitative exploration of day spa therapists work motivations and job satisfaction
یک بررسی کیفی انگیزه های کاری درمانگر های روزانه با آب چشمه و رضایت شغلی-2018
The spa industry has been growing rapidly in Thailand since the 1990s (Hirankitti, Mechinda, & Manjing, 2009). Being that employee productivity is a primary factor driving the success of a business, it is important to understand how employees are motivated, engaged, and retained at the work place. Therefore, the goal of this research study is to explore attitudes and levels of job satisfaction among Thai spa therapists working at day spas. An in-depth interview process was used as the primary qualitative research method for this study. Fifteen interviews were given and from a thematic analysis of the data, five themes emerged. These themes included strong open relationships in the workplace, tangible benefits, deeply rewarding career beyond financial benefits, involvement in day spa development process, and job perception conflict. Spa therapists internal fulfillment was generated through good relationships with spa operators, co-workers, and customers as well as through involvement in the decision making process. Expectancy theory provides a model that helps explain the results of this study. Through a continuous motivation-effort-reward cycle, employees develop feelings of being satisfied with their jobs. Therefore, it is important for spa employers to be aware of the needs of their employees and to create opportunities for employees to successfully meet those needs in order to increase job satisfaction and work performance.
keywords: Expectancy theory |Day spa therapists |Work motivations |Job satisfaction |Thailand |Qualitative research
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4 Using fuzzy DEMATEL in modeling the causal relationships of the antecedents of organizational citizenship behavior (OCB) in the hospitality industry: A case study in the Philippines
استفاده از DEMALTE فازی در مدلسازی روابط علی سوابق رفتار شهروندی سازمانی در صنعت مهمانداری: یک مطالعه موردی در فیلیپین-2018
This paper attempts to identify the antecedents of organizational citizenship behavior (OCB) in the hospitality industry and to determine their causal relationships. As a case study, experts with key positions in top hotels and restaurants in Cebu, Philippines were asked to identify the OCB antecedents they observe and experience in practice. Using fuzzy DEMATEL to understand the causal relationships with imprecise information, organizational commitment emerged as the most prominent antecedent with the highest number of impact, both given and received. Furthermore, human resource practices appeared as the most influential antecedent, which showed a higher degree of causality to the other antecedents. Finally, job satisfaction and employee engagement have the highest number of impacts received which means that they are more dependent on other antecedents in the list. These findings may serve as guidelines in making resource allocation decisions, employee performance evaluation and human resource strategy formulation, among others.
keywords: Organizational citizenship behavior |Antecedents |Fuzzy set theory |DEMATEL |Hospitality industry
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5 Work–leisure conflict and its consequences: Do generational differences matter?
تعارض کار - تفریح و پیامدهای آن: آیا تفاوت های نسلی اهمیت دارد؟-2018
Work–leisure conflict in employees’ personal lives causes negative attitudes and behaviors. However, few studies have concentrated on the consequences of work–leisure conflict. This research investigated leisure satisfaction, psychological well-being, and job satisfaction as they related to such conflict. The moderating influences of generational differences on the associations between work–leisure conflict and these three consequences were also examined. Survey data were collected from 363 employees of the tourism and hospitality industry in Taiwan. The findings demonstrated that work-to-leisure conflict negatively affects leisure satisfaction, psychological well-being, and job satisfaction. Leisure-to-work conflict is negatively related to job satisfaction. Furthermore, generational differences moderate the relationships of work-to-leisure conflict–leisure satisfaction, work-to-leisure conflict–psychological well-being, work-to-leisure conflict–job satisfaction, and leisure-to-work conflict–job satisfaction. Implications for management and future research are discussed.
keywords: Work–leisure conflict |Leisure satisfaction |Psychological well-being |Job satisfaction |Generational differences
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6 درک رابطه بین رضایت ارتباطی، عدالت مشاهده شده و رفتار سازمانی شهروندی
سال انتشار: 2017 - تعداد صفحات فایل pdf انگلیسی: 10 - تعداد صفحات فایل doc فارسی: 40
این مطالعه کاربرد عدالت و مفاهیم رفتارهای سازمانی شهروندی و رضایت شغلی را جهت به دست آوردن اثرات بررسی نشده قبلی از طریق بررسی رابطه بین رضایت ارتباطی، عدالت مشاهده شده و رفتارهای سازمانی شهروندی در بین کارکنان چینی مورد بررسی قرار می دهد. ما پیش بینی می کنیم که عدالت مشاهده شده در رابطه بین رضایت ارتباطی و رفتارهای سازمانی شهروندی وساطت خواهد کرد. ما همچنین پیش بینی می کنیم که رضایت ارتباطی در رابطه بین عدالت مشاهده شده و رفتارهای سازمانی شهروندی وساطت خواهد کرد. از تحلیل های کمّی برای تحلیل این روابط استفاده شد. از روش FsQCA به عنوان یک روش اضافی برای بررسی اثر واسطه ای استفاده شد. نتایج نشان می دهند که رفتارهای سازمانی شهروندی از طریق رضایت ارتباطی و عدالت مشاهده شده تحت تاثیر قرار می گیرد. رضایت ارتباطی یک واسطه بین عدالت مشاهده شده و رفتارهای سازمانی شهروندی است. عدالت مشاهده شده یک واسطه بین رضایت ارتباطی و رفتارهای سازمانی شهروندی نیست. یافته ها نشانگر نیاز به ارتقای روشهای ارتباطی و خلق یک محیط کاری منصفانه به منظور ترغیب رفتارهای احتیاطی هستند. دلالت های عملی و تئوریکی به همراه محدودیت ها بحث می شوند.
کلیدواژه ها: رضایت ارتباطی | منابع انسانی | مشاهدات عدالت | ماکائو | رفتارهای سازمانی شهروندی
مقاله ترجمه شده
7 توالی رضایت شغلی چند وجهی در میان فروشندگان کسب و کار به کسب و کار و کسب و کار به مصرف کننده: تجزیه و تحلیل چند گروهی
سال انتشار: 2017 - تعداد صفحات فایل pdf انگلیسی: 7 - تعداد صفحات فایل doc فارسی: 21
یشرفت در ادبیات رضایت شغلی چند وجهی کسب و کار به کسب و کار جنبه های توالی انرا نشان میدهد. این پژوهش به بررسی استحکام توالی رضایت در فروشندگان کسب و کار به کسب و کار وعلاوه بر ان ارزیابی توالی رضایت در میان فروشندگان کسب و کار به مصرف کننده میپردازد . نتایج نیرومندی توالی و همچنین تعمیم آن را نشان میدهند .همچنین نشان می دهند که رابطه ی موجود میان رضایت مشتری و با رضایت از کار در فروشندگان کسب و کار به کسب و کار ، و رابطه بین رضایت از حقوق و رضایت از کار درفروشندگان کسب و کار به مصرف کننده فروشندگان , مثبت تر است.
کلمات کلیدی: رضایت شغلی چند وجهی | فروشندگان | تجاری-تجاری | تجاری-مشتری | توالی جنبه رضایت
مقاله ترجمه شده
8 درک ارتباط بین رضایت ارتباطی، درک عدالت و رفتار شهروندی سازمانی
سال انتشار: 2017 - تعداد صفحات فایل pdf انگلیسی: 10 - تعداد صفحات فایل doc فارسی: 34
این مطالعه , استفاده از مفاهیم عدالت و رفتار شهروندی سازمانی را فراتر از حقوق و رضایت شغلی به منظور فهمیدن اثرات بررسی نشده ی قبلی با ارزیابی رابطه ی موجود میان رضایت ارتباطی (CS)، عدالت درک شده و رفتار شهروندی سازمانی (OCB) در میان کارمندان چینی , گسترش ویا به عبارتی بسط میدهد . ما پیش بینی کردیم که عدالت درک شده , رابطه میان CS و رفتار شهروندی سازمانی و همچنین CS , رابطه بین عدالت درک شده و رفتار شهروندی سازمانی را متعادل خواهد کرد . برای تحلیل اینگونه از روابط , از تحلیل های کمی استفاده شد.و FsQCA به عنوان یک روش اضافی برای بررسی اثر واسطه ای انها استفاده شد . نتایج نشان می دهد که رفتار شهروندی سازمانی تحت تاثیر CS و عدالت درک شده است و CS یک میانجی بین عدالت درک شده و رفتار شهروندی سازمانی میباشد . عدالت ادراک شده یک میانجی ویا واسطه بین CS و رفتار شهروندی سازمانیست . یافته ها به نیاز به افزایش شیوه های ارتباطات و ایجاد یک محیط کاری عادلانه به منظور تشویق رفتارهای اختیاری اشاره دارند . مفاهیم نظری و عملی مورد بحث قرار گرفته در اینجا , با محدودیت هایی همراه است .
کلیدواژه ها: رضایتمندی ارتباطی | منابع انسانی | مشاهدات عدالت | ماکائو | رفتارهای شهروندی سازمانی
مقاله ترجمه شده
9 Big data in an HR context: Exploring organizational change readiness, employee attitudes and behaviors
داده های بزرگ در زمینه منابع انسانی: بررسی آمادگی تغییر سازمانی، نگرش کارکنان و رفتارها-2017
This research highlights a contextual application for big data within a HR case study setting. This is achieved through the development of a normative conceptual model that seeks to envelop employee behaviors and attitudes in the context of organizational change readiness. This empirical application considers a data sample from a large public sector organization and through applying Structural Equation Modelling (SEM) identifies salary, job promotion, organizational loyalty and organizational identity influences on employee job satisfaction (suggesting and mediating employee readiness for organizational change). However in considering this specific context, the authors highlight how, where and why such a normative approach to employee factors may be limited and thus, proposes through a framework which brings together big data principles, implementation approaches and management commitment requirements can be applied and harnessed more effectively in order to assess employee attitudes and behaviors as part of wider HR predictive analytics (HRPA) approaches. The researchers conclude with a discussion on these research elements and a set of practical, conceptual and management implications of the findings along with recommendations for future research in the area.
Keywords:Organizational change|Employee readiness|Job satisfaction|Extrinsic and intrinsic satisfaction|Big data|HR predictive analytics
مقاله انگلیسی
10 Proactive occupational safety and health management: Promoting good health and good business
ایمنی فعال و مدیریت بهداشت و درمان: ارتقاء سلامت خوب و کسب و کار خوب-2016
This research assessed the impact of organisational approaches to occupational safety and health (OSH) management on organisational performance, safety climate, employee attitudes, health and well-being. Interviews with health and safety personnel, company directors and worker representatives were used to categorise the organisations according to their approaches to OSH management, using the Continuous Improvement Cycle model (Budworth and Khan, 2003). A cross-sectional survey of 2067 employees from these organisations examined the impact of company size, industrial sector and approach to OSH management on indicators of organisational performance and employee outcomes. A structured questionnaire assessed demographic characteristics, organisation and job tenure, job satisfac- tion, organisational commitment, intention to quit and job motivation, safety climate, self-reported absence, performance and work-related ill-health. Organisations were also asked to provide data on profit, performance, accidents and absence indices. Organisations adopting a proactive approach to OSH management reported higher profit margins and lower accident rates, however these differences were not statistically significant. Organisations classified as ‘very good’ were found to show significantly more positive safety climate perceptions across eight out of the nine safety climate dimensions. Employees in proactive organisations were significantly more committed to their organisations and showed greater job satisfaction than employees in organisations categorised as ‘yet to be fully engaged/- complier’. Positive safety climate perceptions and organisational attitudes were associated with better self-reported physical and mental health. The findings add to the validation of the CIC model as an assess- ment and learning tool which may support the transition of organisations from reactive to proactive safety culture.© 2015 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.
Keywords: Safety management | Learning and training | Safety culture | Organisational performance | Employee health and well-being
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