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1 The dilemma of rape avoidance advice: Acknowledging womens agency without blaming victims of sexual assault
معضل مشاوره برای جلوگیری از تجاوز جنسی: تصدیق آژانس زنان بدون مذمت قربانیان تجاوز جنسی-2019
This article addresses the question of whether there is a legitimate role for rape avoidance advice for women as part of a larger suite of efforts aimed at reducing the prevalence of mens sexual violence. It highlights an apparent dilemma between acknowledging womens agency and placing the blame for sexual violence on perpetrators rather than victims. The article builds upon analysis of the phenomenon of responsibility by moral and political philosophers to suggest a clearer way of thinking about this dilemma. I argue that because causal responsibility is a necessary but not sufficient element of moral responsibility, it is logically possible to hold that some victims could have prevented their rape and at the same time hold they are not blameworthy. I go on to argue that this poses a dilemma for feminists concerned to end rape, in that the practical interests of individual women in avoiding rape might at times be in conflict with womens strategic interests in ensuring that the burden (task responsibility) for ending rape rests with men (as potential perpetrators). I argue that while it is logically possible that some rape avoidance advice could help some women reduce their likelihood of being raped, the legitimate role for rape avoidance advice is circumscribed by its impact on womens strategic interests. The worth of rape avoidance advice in general should not be dismissed out of hand. However, the legitimacy of particular pieces of advice need to be assessed in terms of their impact on womens strategic and practical interests and this will vary depending on the quality and source of the advice
Keywords: Agency | Blame | Victims | Rape prevention | Sexual assault
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2 Deferred cash compensation and risk-taking: Evidence from the Chinese banking industry
جبران خسارت معوق و ریسک پذیری: شواهدی از صنعت بانکی چین-2019
Starting in 2010, the China Banking Regulatory Commission (CBRC) mandated that between 40% and 50% of the annual variable compensation of senior commercial bank managers be paid over the subsequent 3 years or longer. We examine the implications of the CBRC deferred compensation regulation for bank risk-taking using a sample of 156 bank executives from 14 listed Chinese commercial banks. We find that before the 2010 regulation, high-risk banks deferred executive compensation less than low-risk banks. We also find that banks reduced their risktaking after the 2010 regulation, and the reduction was greater for banks with higher pre-regulation risk. Unlike prior research which examines equity compensation, we provide evidence on the use of deferred executive cash compensation and its implications for bank risk-taking in an emerging market
Keywords: Deferred executive compensation | Bank risk-taking | Compensation regulation | Multi-period agency
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3 The role of institutional entrepreneurship in emerging energy communities: The town of St: Peter in Germany
نقش کارآفرینی نهادی در جوامع نوظهور انرژی: شهر سنت پیتر در آلمان-2019
This paper provides insights from the extant literature on institutional entrepreneurship in emerging fields which could enable us to understand how the innovative idea of ‘energy community’ arose, became new practices, and has been institutionalized over time. In August 2008, the people of St. Peter, a Black Forest rural town in Germany, decided to build their own energy co-operative for the operation of the biomass District Heating Plant (DHP). The key driving forces for this comprised a wide range of sustainability-related discourses, such as climate protection, energy supply security, and regional economic development. The biomass DHP, as an environmentally- friendly heating system, has become a taken-for-granted practice and has been presented as an ‘inspirational’ example to other communities in the region. The main contribution of this study is to develop and use a multi-level analytical framework to elucidate the process of legitimation and sense-making of the notion of the energy community St. Peter. The key conclusions are that institutional entrepreneurs are dispersed across space, social status, sector, and governance levels; their agency is distributed among multiple levels of action and multiple stages of development; and they use a range of social skills to justify their action for institutional change. Therefore, community-based initiatives should draw on multiple discourses that address both individual interests (stable prices and supply security) and collective concerns (environmental protection). In this way, wide public support for transforming existing energy practices into more renewable ones can be achieved.
Keywords: Institutional entrepreneurship | Emerging fields | Agency | Structuration | Renewable energy practices | Local energy transition
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4 Nepotism, employees’ competencies and firm performance in the tourism sector: A dual multivariate and Qualitative Comparative Analysis approach
پارتی بازی، صلاحیت های کارکنان و عملکرد شرکت در بخش گردشگری: یک دیدگاه تحلیلی مقایسه ای کیفی و چند متغیره دوتایی-2018
The paper identifies the critical competencies affecting Egyptian travel agents performance while assessing the negative influence of nepotism on such competencies. To address this aim, the study uses a holistic dual approach employing a multivariate technique using Partial Least Squares Structural Equation Modelling (PLS-SEM) and a configuration method through a fuzzy-set Qualitative Comparative Analysis (fsQCA). Based on a sample of 500 travel agents employees, the results show that: (1) none of the competencies is sufficient to drive travel agents’ performance, (2) two distinct configurations of employee competencies are likely to result in high performance, and (3) nepotism has a direct negative influence on some of these competencies. The study holds important implications for both theory and practice.
keywords: Employees competencies |Travel agents performance |Nepotism-favouritism |Structural equation modelling |fsQCA
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5 داده هاي مربوط به کيفيت آب زيرزميني، پتانسيل مقياس پذیری و خوردگي نمونه هاي آبي در منابع آب آشاميدني مناطق روستايی تربت حيدريه استان خراسان رضوي
سال انتشار: 2018 - تعداد صفحات فایل pdf انگلیسی: 7 - تعداد صفحات فایل doc فارسی: 10
بر اساس دستورالعمل سازمان بهداشت جهانی، کنترل خورندگی یکی از جنبه های مهم تامین آب آشامیدنی است. داده های ارائه شده، پارامترهای فیزیکی و شیمیایی آب آشامیدنی در مناطق روستایی شهرستان تربت حیدریه است و برای تعیین شاخص های خورندگی کاربرد دارد. این مطالعه مقطعی با 188 نمونه در سال 2014 و 13 پارامتر آنالیز شده بر اساس روش استاندارد، انجام شد. همچنین نتیجه این مقاله با استانداردهای آژانس حفاظت محیط زیست و استانداردهای ملی ایران مقایسه شد. پنج شاخص: شاخص اشباع لانژليه (LSI)، شاخص پایداری ريزنار (RSI)، شاخص مقباس پذیری (PSI) پوكوريوس ، شاخص لارسون-اسكولد(LS) و شاخص (AI)شدت خوردگي ، با استفاده از نرم افزار Microsoft Excelکد نویسی شد و این نرم افزار به دلیل سادگی ، به راحتی می تواند توسط محققان و اپراتورها مورد استفاده قرار گیرد. پارامترهای شامل سولفات، سدیم، کلرید و هدایت الکتریکی به ترتیب 13.5٪، 28٪، 10.5٪ و 15٪ بیشتر از سطح استاندارد بود. مقدار نیترات در 98٪ موارد در حد مجاز و حدود 2٪ بیشتر از سطح استاندارد بود. نتايج نشان داد که LSI، RSI، PSI، LS و AI، به ترتیب طبق شاخص ها 6/6 درصد، 4/89 درصد، 2/87 درصد، 6/60 درصد و 9/14 درصد منابع آب آشاميدني خورنده است.
کليدواژه: آب آشاميدني | روستاهاي شهر تربت حيدريه | شاخص پایداری
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6 پیش بینی شاخص های پایداری و نسبت جذب سدیم در منابع آب آشامیدنی رودخانه لردگان در غرب ایران با استفاده از سیستم استنتاج عصبی فازی
سال انتشار: 2018 - تعداد صفحات فایل pdf انگلیسی: 7 - تعداد صفحات فایل doc فارسی: 11
بر اساس دستورالعمل سازمان بهداشت جهانی، کنترل خوردگی یکی از جنبه های مهم تامین آب آشامیدنی است. آب معمولا شامل مواد تشکیل دهنده، گازهای حل شده و مواد معلق است. اگر چه برخی از این مواد آب برای انسان ضروری است، ولی مقدار بیش از حد مجاز این عناصر ، می توانند سلامت انسان را به خطر بیندازند. هدف از این مطالعه ارزیابی پارامترهای فیزیکی و شیمیایی آب آشامیدنی در مناطق روستایی شهرستان لردگان، همچنین تعیین شاخص های خوردگی است. این مطالعه مقطعی در سال 2017 با 141 نمونه و 13 پارامتر انجام شده است که براساس روش استاندارد و برای ارزیابی شاخص های کیفیت آب آبهای زیرزمینی با استفاده از ANFIS انجام شد. همچنین نتایج این مقاله با استانداردهای آژانس حفاظت محیط زیست و استانداردهای ملی ایران مقایسه شده است. پنج شاخص، شاخص اشباع لانژليه (LSI)، شاخص پایداری ريزنار (RSI)، شاخص مقیاس پذیری پوكوريوس (PSI) ، شاخص لارسون-اسكولد(LS) و شاخص شدت خوردگي(AI) با استفاده از نرم افزار مایکروسافت اکسل محاسبه شد. با توجه به سادگی نرم افزار، این نرم افزار به راحتی توسط محققان و اپراتورها مورد استفاده قرار می گیرد. پارامترهایی چون سولفات، سدیم، کلرید و هدایت الکتریکی به ترتیب 13.5، 28، 10.5 و 15 درصد بیشتر از سطح استاندارد بود. مقدار نیترات در 98٪ موارد بیش از حد مجاز و حدود 2٪ بیشتر از سطح استاندارد بود. نتايج حاصل از تحقيق حاضر نشان مي دهد که طبق LSI، RSI، PSI، LS و AI، آب در 6/6 درصد، 4/89 درصد، 2/87 درصد، 6/60 درصد و 9/14 درصد مخازن آب آشاميدني خورنده است.
کليدواژه: آب آشاميدني | روستاهاي شهر لردگان | شاخص ثبات
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7 How investors value cash and cash flows when managers commit to providing earnings forecasts
وقتی که مدیران متعهد می شوند که پیش بینی های درآمدها را تامین کنند سرمایه گذاران چگونه نقدینگی و جریان های نقدینگی را ارزش گذاری می کنند؟-2018
Theory considers voluntary disclosure to be an important mechanism for reducing information asymmetry in the corporate setting (Bertomeu, Beyer, & Dye, 2011). Prior research on corporate cash policy suggests that investors value cash holdings more when information asymmetry is low (e.g., Drobetz, Gruninger, & Hirschvogl, 2010). Given both streams of literature, we examine whether investors value cash and cash flows higher for firms that commit to providing management earnings forecasts, an important form of voluntary disclosure. In univariate analyses, we show that committed forecasting is negatively associated with widely accepted measures of information asymmetry. In multivariate tests, we document that committed forecasting is associated with a higher market value of cash, surplus cash and operating cash flows. Our multivariate results are robust to adjustments for endogeneity in managers forecast decision, and to the inclusion of controls for alternative uses of cash, firm information quality, information demand and governance.
keywords: Management earnings forecasts |Voluntary disclosure |Value of cash |Agency costs
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8 Perceived leader behavioral integrity and employee voice in SMEs travel agents: The mediating role of empowering leader behaviors
یکپارچگی رفتاری مشاهده شده رهبر و صدای کارمند در آژانس های مسافرتی SEM ها: نقش واسطه ای رفتارهای توانمندسازی رهبری-2018
This paper investigates how perceived leader behavioral integrity and empowering leader behaviors stimulate employee voice at SMEs travel agents in Egypt. Data were collected from 500 frontline employees. Partial least squares structural equation modeling (PLS–SEM) was employed to test the hypotheses. The findings confirmed that perceived leader behavioral integrity significantly impacted empowering leader behaviors and employee voice. Empowering leader behaviors positively influenced employee voice. Moreover, the results showed that empowering leader behaviors mediated the relationship between perceived leader behavioral integrity and employee voice. Finally, there were no differences between family and non-family businesses in most of the relationships studied.
keywords: Leader integrity |Speaking up and speaking out |Coaching |Participative decision making |Informing |SMEs travel agents |Egypt
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9 A data mining framework within the Chinese NPPs operating experience feedback system for identifying intrinsic correlations among human factors
چارچوب داده کاوی در میان آژانس های چینی عامل بازخورد تجربه برای شناسایی ارتباطات درونی بین عوامل انسانی-2018
With the continuous increase in the number of operating nuclear power plants (NPPs) in China, the amount of operating experience feedback (OEF) increases significantly. On the other hand, the safe oper ation of NPPs has become an urgent problem that the National Nuclear Safety Administration (NNSA) must solve. To this end, NNSA established a nationalwide OEF system to improve the safety level of NPPs and strengthen the exchange of operating experience. Analyzing the human factors events (HFEs) is an important part of OEF and it is significant to improve human performance and prevent human error. Data mining has been recognized as an effective way to analyze data. With the continuous increase in operating event reports, data mining related to nuclear safety becomes a new domain of study. In this paper, we propose a data mining framework in support of the OEF system. The framework combines three statistical approaches (i.e., correlation analysis, cluster analysis and association rule mining) for identifying intrinsic correlations among human factors: correlation analysis measures the strength of lin ear relationship between human factors; cluster analysis classifies human factors into relevant groups; association rule mining identifies associations and causalities among human factors. For illustration, we apply the proposed framework to 162 human factors events (screened out from 313 events collected from the OEF system), and the results reflect the feasibility and effectiveness of the framework in iden tifying the intrinsic correlations among human factors. Besides, further suggestions for improving human performance and preventing human errors in NPPs are also discussed.
Keywords: Human factors ، Intrinsic correlation ، Data mining ، Correlation analysis ، Cluster analysis ، Association rule mining
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10 Medialab stories: How to align actor network theory and digital methods
داستان Medialab: چگونگی تراز کرن تئوری شبکه بازیگر و روش های دیجیتال-2018
The history of laboratories may become controversial in social sciences. In this paper, the story of Sciences Po Me´dialab told by Venturini et al. is discussed and completed by demonstrating the incoherence in the choice of digital methods at the Me´dialab from the actor network theory perspective. As the Me´dialab mostly used web topologies as structural analysis of social positions, they were not able to account for the propagation of ideas, considered in actor network theory as nonhumans that have their own agency. The main arguments in favour of the ‘more continuous social’ developed at the Me´dialab (quali-quanti, following the actors, zooming) proved to be as misleading as the network metaphor. The distribution of agency that actor network theory so successfully expands was paradoxicallty reduced to structures and individual preferences, to the detriment of the agency of replications that circulate entities in the form of messages, content or memes, and that should now become the next step for actor network theory-style digital methods.
Keywords: Digital methods | actor network theory | quantification | agency | replications | web studies
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