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1 When are stakeholder pressures effective? An extension of slack resources theory
چه موقع فشارهای سهامدار موثر می باشد؟ یک بسطی از نظریه منابع سست-2018
There has been an intense debate on when stakeholder pressures are effective in driving firms to contribute to sustainable development. Drawing upon institutional theory and slack resources theory, we theorize that country-level sustainability performance interacts with slack resources in shaping corporate responsiveness to stakeholder pressures. Empirical results based on the data from 6th International Manufacturing Strategy Survey and secondary data of the Human Development Index and the Environmental Performance Index support our hypotheses. As hypothesized, in countries with low level sustainability performance, firms with considerable slack resources are more responsive to stakeholder pressures than their peers with limited slack resources. In contrast, in countries with high levels of sustainability performance, there are no significant differences between firms with and without considerable slack resources in their responsiveness to stakeholder pressures. This study contributes to a better understanding of organizational responses to stakeholder pressures. Moreover, it suggests that stakeholders, depending on country-level sustainability performance, should adopt different strategies to stimulate firms to participate in sustainable development.
keywords: Environmental issues |Social responsibility |Stakeholder pressures |Survey methods |Hierarchical linear modelling
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2 Competitive store closing during an economic downturn
بستن انبار رقابتی درطی یک رکود اقتصادی-2018
The economic downturn of the late 2000s resulted in the closing of a number of retail stores. When doing so a firm has to consider which stores to close, and when to close them, so that profits are maximized. Since retail stores operate in a competitive environment, these decisions are not simply a function of a retailers existing store locations but are also contingent on the location, and closing decisions, of stores operated by rival firms. This paper examines a game between two retail chains looking to downsize operations in a given region and presents a solution procedure that captures the equilibrium store closing decisions. The solution procedure includes a single period mixed integer program model and a multi-period heuristic with a backward and forward pass to find near optimal solutions. Our results provide guidelines for developing effective strategies to systematically reduce the number of stores so that profit is maximized while competitive pressure is exerted on rival stores.
keywords: Location analysis |Store closing |Integer linear programming |Game theory
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3 مسئله زمان بندی واحد فوریت حوادث برای کنترل آتش سوزی های شدید
سال انتشار: 2018 - تعداد صفحات فایل pdf انگلیسی: 7 - تعداد صفحات فایل doc فارسی: 25
در این مقاله، ما بهینه سازی و طراحی مکانیزم برای مسئله زمان بندی واحد فوریت حوادث را برای کنترل آتش سوزی های شدید مطالعه می کنیم. ما یک واحد فوریت حوادث و یک سری شرکتهای جنگلداری را در یک طرحی بررسی می کنیم که منابع محدود هستند و یک اظطرار باعث خرابی شهرهای نزدیک شده است. هر شرکت جنگلداری اطلاعاتی درباره چگالی جنگل دارد که علاوه بر نرخ تغذیه آتش سوزی های شدید هزینه انتظار مدیریتی آن را نیز تعیین می کند. درعمل، یک هزینه انتظار برای هر شرکت جنگلداری برطبق موقعیت آن در ترتیب و زمان کار برای واحد فوریت حوادث تولید می کند. هدف، تعیین یک زمان بندی و زمان های کار برای واحد فوریت حوادث است تا مجموع کل خرابی و کل هزینه انتظار شرکتهای جنگلداری که در معرض محدودیت های خرابی و استفاده از زمان کار واحد فوریت حوادث هستند به حداقل رسانده شود. ما نشان می دهیم که مسئله متمرکز شده می تواند توسط شرایط کاروش – کوهن – توکر و طراحی یک مکانیزم صحیح و آسان برای اجرا برای مسئله غیر متمرکز شده حل شود. این طراحی خرابی شرکتهای جنگلداری را برمبنای ویژگی های راه حل های بهینه به دست آمده از مسئله متمرکز شده با شارژ بیش از حد کران دار توسط یک ثابت، شارژ می کند. یک مثال عددی برای نشان دادن مسئله و مفید بودن سهم های ما توصیف می شود. نهایتا" ما نتایج خود را به مسائل مشابه برای استفاده ترتیبی از یک منبع بسط می دهیم که در آن توابع خرابی ایزو الاستیک محدب اکیدا" صعودی مدنظر قرار می گیرند.
کلیدواژه ها: زمان بندی | واحد فوریت حوادث | طراحی مکانیزم | صحیح بودن
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4 Acute adrenal crisis and mortality in adrenal insufficiency: Still a concern in 2018!
بحران و مرگ و میر ناشی از آدرنال در نارسایی بالای آدرنال: در 2018 هنوز نگرانی وجود دارد!-2018
Despite established replacement therapy, mortality in patients suffering from chronic adrenal insufficiency is increasing. This may be partly explained by the fact that lack of adrenal stress hormones impairs the body’s capacity to deal adequately with stress situations, resulting in life threatening adrenal crises. Since many such situations are of rapid onset, concepts that allow for quick response to emergencies are particularly important. Optimal education for patients and relatives, improved awareness on the part of health professionals and the development of new easy-to-use drugs for acute therapy are of prime importance.
Keywords: Adrenal insufficiency; Adrenal crisis; Mortality; Morbidity; Infection; Addison’s disease
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5 The evidence for the bushmeat crisis in African savannas: A systematic quantitative literature review
شواهد برای بحران زاد و ولد در آفریقای جنوبی: یک بررسی ادبی کمیتی سیستماتیک-2018
Bushmeat hunting, trade and consumption is a growing biodiversity and food security concern. Much of the collated research is currently limited to forested regions however, despite indications of the increasing threat in savannas. Savanna regions are biodiverse and often have high-value wildlife tourism industries, but also have rapidly-growing rural populations, often highly dependent on natural resources. In this systematic quantitative literature review we seek to understand the state of knowledge about bushmeat in savanna regions in Africa. We aim to identify gaps in the literature, both spatially and topically, understand what methodologies are used, what common recommendations are made and what interventions have been quantified. We identified 144 relevant studies from the literature. Although studies have increased over time and diversified thematically, there were strong biases. Most studies were conducted in Tanzania, with gaps in research in southern Africa and the Sahelian region. Additionally, only 25% of papers investigated interventions used to reduce bushmeat hunting, with traditional enforcement being the most common intervention studied (53% of intervention studies, 13% of papers). Other frequently recommended interventions such as alternative incomes received little attention (14% of intervention studies, 3.5% of papers). Further, although many studies cite common drivers of bushmeat hunting such as income or livestock, the evidence for these drivers was lacking and contradictory. We reveal that although bushmeat in savanna regions is gaining recognition, many gaps in knowledge remain. This is the first study to systematically quantify the research about bushmeat in African savannas and aims to inform future research.
Keywords: Systematic review ، Bushmeat ، Africa ، Savanna ، Hunting ، Poaching
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6 مدیریت بحران بین روابط عمومی و رویکرد چند عاملی هالونیک
سال انتشار: 2018 - تعداد صفحات فایل pdf انگلیسی: 8 - تعداد صفحات فایل doc فارسی: 17
در بسیاری از علوم مدیریت بحران یک موضوع چند رشته ای است. علوم اجتماعی، امور خارجه، پزشکی، مهندسی و بسیاری دیگر، به مدیریت رویدادهای مهم و بزرگ پیش بینی نشده علاقه مند هستند. این مقاله برخی از تفاوت ها و موضوعات مشترک مدیریت بحران را با استفاده از دو رویکرد متفاوت ارائه می دهد. نخست، روابط عمومی (PR)، به عنوان بخشی از علوم ارتباطی است؛ و دوم، مفهوم هالوسی چندگانه (HMAS) است که موضوع پژوهشی مربوط به مهندسی نرم افزار و علوم محاسباتی است. ما دو رویکرد متفاوت ، اما با یک هدف مشترک داریم: فراهم کردن امکان پشتیبانی تیم مدیریت بحران در شرایط کاری غیرمعمول. با توجه به رویکرد هولونیک، این مقاله مدیریت بحرانی توزیع شده متمرکز و رویکرد غیر خطی ارائه می¬دهد که در آن فضایی، فاکتورهای مهارت و تخصص انسانی عناصر کلیدی هستند.
کليدواژگان: مديريت بحران | روابط عمومي | سيستم چند عاملي هولمز | مديريت ريسك
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7 A ‘glocalization’ approach to the internationalizing of crisis communication
رویکرد "گلوکالیزه کردن" به بین المللی شدن ارتباطات بحران-2018
This article focuses on the field of international crisis communication, whereby multinationals and their expatriate staff respond to crisis events in international and/or multicultural contexts. The field of international crisis communication is at or near a state of crisis due to lack of research and, more importantly, methods useful for practitioners. ‘Glocalization’–—which is used successfully in fields as diverse as marketing, education, theology, and others as an effective and expedient way of leveraging global capabilities to meet local demands–—is proposed as one method for addressing this need pragmatically. Using glocalization for the internationalizing of crisis communication benefits practitioners and researchers alike in a way that avoids imposing Western frameworks and interpretations onto non-Western crisis situations. We demonstrate the approach with a case study involving multinational McDonald’s Corporation and its foreign subsidiary, McDonald’s Japan
KEYWORDS : Crisis communication; Glocalization ; International crisis communication ; McDonald’s Japan ; Crisis plan
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8 Capitalizing on the State: The political economy of Real Estate Investment Trusts and the ‘Resolution’ of the crisis
سرمایه گذاری بر دولت: اقتصاد سیاسی اعتماد سرمایه گذاری املاک و "قطعنامه" بحران-2018
A burgeoning literature demonstrates how the inter-dependent relationship between the financial and real estate sectors has intensified boom-bust dynamics within urban property markets. Indeed, following the financial crisis of 2008, this articulation of increased financial risk within cities has been evidenced in the avalanche of dis tressed property assets and debt that accompanied the collapse of property markets internationally. However, while research has focused on the causes of the crash and its economic, social and political impacts, knowledge is less developed regarding how the link between finance and the built environment is being re-established. How are the circuits of capital into distressed property markets being rebooted in post-crisis contexts and what are the implications for the existing political economy? In response, this article explores the development of the Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) market in Ireland as part of a wider effort to deleverage the country’s failed banking sector and to attract global, yield-seeking capital into the moribund property market. Despite their location at the nexus between financial and real estate markets, REITs have not figured highly in critical geo graphic discussion of the financialization of real estate. This article addresses this gap by contextualising the history, politics and geography of REITs and by stressing their urban dimensions, as well as demonstrating how they are capitalizing on the deleveraging of the Irish banking and development sectors in the interests of global financial investors.
Keywords: Financialization ، Real Estate Investment Trust ، Financial crisis ، Financial chain ، Ireland ، Political economy
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9 Purchasing and supply management in an industrial marketing perspective
مدیریت خرید و عرضه در دیدگاه بازاریابی صنعتی-2018
This paper reflects on purchasing & supply management (PSM) research in an industrial marketing perspective, using Industrial Marketing Management (IMM) as a proxy. A systematic review of IMM papers is conducted, demonstrating that a large and growing number of PSM papers have been published in IMM and that a large proportion of these rely on the IMP Interaction Approach as theoretical perspective. The paper discusses themes of PSM research and proposes three avenues of future PSM research for industrial marketing scholars: 1) the orizing on the concept of supply networks, 2) revisiting the notion of managing supply networks and 3) debating established “best practices” in PSM. The proposal is therefore to dedicate more research to develop further theory on supply networks and how to manage within supply networks, because there is a surprising lack of conceptual clarity as to the meaning of supply networks and the notion of managing supply networks. The paper argues that as increasing supply net work complexity and risks, especially concerning sustainability, requires new thinking about how best to in fluence and manage supply networks.
Keywords: Purchasing ، Supply management ، Industrial marketing ، Supply networks
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10 Resilience of the US securities industry to the global financial crisis
انعطاف پذیری صنعت اوراق بهادار ایالات متحده به بحران مالی جهانی-2018
The global financial crisis was underpinned by the securitization of subprime mortgages led by US investment banks, and its outbreak was marked by the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers on 15 September 2008. This paper investigates the resilience of the US securities industry to this shock and its evolution between 2008 and 2016, with focus on employment, location, remuneration, sell-side versus buy-side dynamics, and gender. Results show that the US securities industry has suffered significant losses in terms of employment and its recovery has been slow. Under the pressures of depressed demand, new regulation and cost cutting, the industry has gone through significant adaptation in terms of corporate reorganisation, value chain optimisation, market reorientation and innovation, but has not yet adapted in terms of remuneration. The buy-side of the industry has performed much better than the sell-side in terms of resistance and recovery. The patterns of resistance and recovery have been highly uneven across states and cities. While the top of the hierarchy of securities industry centres has not changed significantly in terms of ranking, large centres, with New York in the lead, have suffered larger job losses than smaller centres, reflecting a significant spatial dispersion of employment in the industry. Male em ployment has proven more resilient than female employment highlighting continued gender inequality and lack of diversity.
Keywords: Financial crisis ، Financial centres ، Investment banking ، Asset management ، Restructuring ، Gender
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