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1 Gendered drug policy: Motherisk and the regulation of mothering in Canada
سیاست مواد مخدر جنسیتی: Motherisk و تنظیم مادرانگی در کانادا-2019
Background: Due to misinformation and enduring discourses about pregnant women and mothers suspected of using drugs, these women continue to experience systemic discrimination. In 2014, this fact was once again made public in Canada when the Ontario government established an independent review of hair testing practices conducted by Motherisk Drug Testing Laboratory (MDTL) at Torontos Hospital for Sick Kids. Between 2005 and 2015, MDTL tested the hair of more than 16,000 individuals for drug consumption. The results were introduced as evidence in court and resulted in both temporary and permanent loss of custody of children. Tragically, it was later discovered that the hair testing results were unreliable. This paper provides an analysis of child protection policies and practices directed at pregnant women and mothers suspected of using drugs, with a focus on the Motherisk tragedy in Ontario. Methods: Informed by feminist and critical drug perspectives, this study draws from findings in the 2015″Report of the Motherisk Hair Analysis Independent Review," produced by Honourable Susan Lang, and provides a Bacchi-informed critical analysis of Commissioner Beamans 2018 report of the Motherisk Commission, "Harmful Impacts: The Reliance on Hair Testing in Child Protection" (HI). Results: The HI report is quite sympathetic to the plight of families and it acknowledges systemic issues and unequal power relations between families, social workers and the courts. Even though drug testing is an inadequate measure of parenting capacity, the HI report does not recommend banning the practice. In the HI report, the themes of harm reduction and drug prohibition are notably absent — while the use of gender-neutral terms, such as "parent" and "families," render mothers invisible. Conclusions: The Motherisk tragedy cannot be understood as an isolated event, rather it is part of a continuum of state and gendered violence against poor, Indigenous, and Black women in Canada. The HI report fails to consider how prohibitionist discourses about drugs, addiction, mothering, and risk lead to institutional practices such as drug testing and child apprehension.
Keywords: Motherisk | Women | Race | Drug testing | Child apprehension
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2 اصول کلی قوانین بین المللی حاکم بر قوانین رسانه
سال انتشار: 2017 - تعداد صفحات فایل pdf انگلیسی: 8 - تعداد صفحات فایل doc فارسی: 19
مطالعه تاریخ مبتنی بر خودمختاری ملتهاست. خود این فرآیند امروزه مبتنی بر مکانیزم های دموکراتیک است که عمدتا به شکل انتخابات و سیستم های مبتنی بر رای گیری نمود پیدا می کند. رای مردم نیز مبتنی بر اطلاعاتی است که از رسانه ها دریافت می کنند. بنابراین می توان گفت که دنیا تحت کنترل رسانه هاست. از طرف دیگر، هیچ چیز قدرتمند از رسانه در مدیریت ملت ها و جوامع نیست. به همین دلیل رسانه با گستره قدرت خود، منطقاً می تواند توسط دولتهای مختلف مورد سوءاستفاده قرار بگیرد. همانطور که تسلیحات مدرن منجر به تصاحب مستعمرات جدید شده، رسانه نیز به ما نشان داده چطور می تواند اذهان عمومی را تحت الشعاع قرار داده و آنها را به سمت منافع مد نظر استعمارگران سوق دهد. این مقاله با استفاده از روش توصیفی، تلاش می کند مهمترین اصول کلی قوانین بین المللی را بررسی کند که مرتبط با موضوع رسانه بوده و نشان می دهد ارتباط قطعی بین این اصول حقوق بین الملل و جوامع به چه صورت است. بر همین اساس، دولتها دارای اصول حاکمیت و استقلال خاص خود بوده، کیفیت این حکمرانی را بر اساس استفاده از زور یا عدم استفاده از آن به شکل یک سیستم قانونی بین المللی اِعمال می کنند، اصولی که حاکم بر ارتباطات مختلف است. اخلاقیات اطلاعاتی، تروریسم اطلاعاتی، آزادی اطلاعات، نژادپرستی، توهین به مقدسات، بیگانه هراسی و رسانه های اجتماعی موضوعاتی اند که در این مقاله به آنها پرداخته می شود.
واژگان کلیدی: قوانین بین المللی | ارتباطات | رسانه | حاکمیت | استقلال | عدالت | استفاده از قدرت
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3 Racial disparity in mycosis fungoides: An analysis of 4495 cases from the US National Cancer Database
اختلاف نژادی در fucoides fungoides: تجزیه و تحلیل 4495 مورد از پایگاه ملی سرطان ایالات متحده-2017

Key words: cutaneous T-cell lymphoma | mycosis fungoides | prognosis | race | socioeconomic factors
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4 Rationale and design of the Staying Positive with Arthritis (SPA) Study: A randomized controlled trial testing the impact of a positive psychology intervention on racial disparities in pain
منطق و طراحی مثبت ماندن با مطالعه آرتریت (SPA) : یک کارآزمایی کنترل شده تصادفی که به بررسی تاثیر مداخله روان شناختی مثبت بر تفاوت های نژادی در درد-2017
Knee osteoarthritis is a painful, disabling condition that disproportionately affects African Americans. Existing arthritis treatments yield small to moderate improvements in pain and have not been effective at reducing racial disparities in the management of pain. The biopsychosocial model of pain and evidence from the positive psychology literature suggest that increasing positive psychological skills (e.g., gratitude, kindness) could im prove pain and functioning and reduce disparities in osteoarthritis pain management. Activities to cultivate positive psychological skills have been developed and validated; however, they have not been tested in patients with osteoarthritis, their effects on racial differences in health outcomes have not been examined, and evidence of their effects on health outcomes in patients with other chronic illnesses is of limited quality. In this article we describe the rationale and design of Staying Positive with Arthritis (SPA) study, a randomized controlled trial in which 180 African American and 180 White primary care patients with chronic pain from knee osteoarthritis will be randomized to a 6-week program of either positive skill-building activities or neutral control activities. The primary outcomes will be self-reported pain and functioning as measured by the WOMAC Osteoarthritis Index. We will assess these primary outcomes and potential, exploratory psychosocial mediating variables at an in-person baseline visit and by telephone at 1, 3, and 6 months following completion of the assigned program. If effective, the SPA program would be a novel, theoretically-informed psychosocial intervention to improve quality and equity of care in the management of chronic pain from osteoarthritis.
Keywords: Chronic pain | Mind-body therapies | Race disparities | Veterans | Osteoarthritis | Psychology
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5 بهینه سازی بهره ی اثر ژنتیک اجتماعی تحت کنترل نژاد با استفاده از الگوریتم ژنتیک
سال انتشار: 2016 - تعداد صفحات فایل pdf انگلیسی: 6 - تعداد صفحات فایل doc فارسی: 18
تعاملات اجتماعی حیوانات به طور گسترده ای در جمعیت دامها وجود دارد. با این حال، برخی از مطالعات نشان داد که انتخاب اثر ژنتیک اجتماعی منجر به افزایش بیشتر یک نژاد می¬شود. در این مطالعه، دو روش بهینه سازی (SBLUP+GA1، SBLUP+GA2) مبتنی بر الگوریتم ژنتیک برای دستیابی به سهم ژنتیکی بهینه¬ی مجازی و افزایش میانگین سود ژنتیک جزئی ژنتیک مستقیم و اجتماعی استفاده شد در حالی که نژاد کاهش یافت. در SBLUP+GA1، تنها سهم جنس نر بهینه سازی شد. در SBLUP+GA2، مشارکت نر و ماده با هم بهینه سازی شد. نتایج نشان داد که SBLUP+GA1 و SBLUP+GA2 در 18.52 درصد و 25.93٪ نرخ پایین نژادی نسبت به انتخاب اثر ژنتیک اجتماعی رایج بر اساس روش BLUP (SBLUP) تحت پارامترهای پایه بود. تحت آن شرایط، متوسط سود برای اجزای اثر ژنتیکی مستقیم، اجتماعی و کل در SBLUP+GA1 واقعا بهبود یافت که به ترتیب 3.59٪، 10.02٪ و 4.32٪ نسبت به SBLUP بود. در SBLUP+GA2، به ترتیب 1.28٪، 10.00٪ و 2.02٪ بودند. SBLUP+GA2 حاصل در نرخ نژاد کمتر است، اما، اندکی الگوریتم ژنتیک از SBLUP+GA1 به دست آمد.
کلید واژه ها: BLUP | الگوریتم ژنتیک | نژاد | بهينه سازي | اثر ژنتیک اجتماعی
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6 Assessing the racial aspects of police force using the implicit- and counter-bias perspectives
بررسی جنبه های نژاد پرستانه نیروی پلیس با استفاده از دیدگاه های ضمنی - و ضد تعصب-2016
Purpose: The events in Ferguson in August 2014 reignited the longstanding national discussion of race and the police use of force. Recent theory and research from those who study human biases have produced contradictory predictions about how a subjects race might impact on officers decisions to use force. The “implicit-bias perspective” claims that officers biases should produce a greater tendency to use force against Black subjects; the “counter bias” perspective predicts lesser force against Blacks, due to officers concerns about the consequences of using force against racial/ethnic minorities. The implicit-bias perspective also predicts a moderating impact of neighborhood context; specifically, this perspective predicts that the use of greater force against racial/ethnic minorities will disappear in high crime neighborhoods.
Methods: The current study examined 1846 use-of-force incidents to determine whether the racial aspects of force are consistent with the implicit-bias or counter-bias perspectives. Results: Selected results were consistent with the implicit-bias perspective, including the predicted moderating impact of neighborhood crime on the relationship between subject race and force.
Conclusions: Additional research should assess whether actual uses of force are consistent with the implicit-bias or counter-bias perspectives but, it is argued, the implications for training are the same for both.
Keywords: Police | Law enforcement | Use of force | Racial profiling | Racial bias | Implicit bias
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7 Supply vs: Demand under an Affirmative Action Ban: Estimates from UC Law Schools
تامین در مقابل تقاضا تحت عمل بان مثبت: برآوردی از دانشکده حقوق UC-2016
Affirmative action bans can reduce black enrollment not only by reducing black admission advantages (contracting demand) but also by reducing applications (contracting supply) from black students who can still gain admission but prefer alternative schools that still practice affirmative action. When affirmative action was banned at UC law schools, Berkeley’s black applications and enrollment declined by almost half even as black admission rates rose relative to whites. I ask whether black enrollment at UC law schools would have markedly declined even without the supply contraction. I find in a large sample of students applying to law schools nationwide that black supply contractions were driven mostly or entirely by students unlikely to gain admission under the ban, yielding stronger post-ban black applicant pools. Holding applicant pools constant, I estimate that the ban reduced black admission rates at both Berkeley and UCLA by half. Hence, black enrollment at these elite schools would likely have plummeted even if supply contractions had been muted—as could occur under a nationwide ban that eliminates affirmative-action-practicing alternatives.
Keywords: Affirmative action | Race | Admissions | Applications
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8 Income inequality, drug-related arrests, and the health of people who inject drugs: Reflections on seventeen years of research
نابرابری درآمد، دستگیری مربوط به مواد مخدر، و سلامت افرادی که مواد تزریق می کنند: بازتاب هایی بر هفده سال از تحقیقات-2016
This paper reviews and then discusses selected findings from a seventeen year study about the population prevalence of people who inject drugs (PWID) and of HIV prevalence and mortality among PWID in 96 large US metropolitan areas. Unlike most research, this study was conducted with the metropolitan area as the level of analysis. It found that metropolitan area measures of income inequality and of structural racism predicted all of these outcomes, and that rates of arrest for heroin and/or cocaine predicted HIV prevalence and mortality but did not predict changes in PWID population prevalence. Income inequality and measures of structural racism were associated with hard drug arrests or other properties of policing. These findings, whose limitations and implications for further research are discussed, suggest that efforts to respond to HIV and to drug injection should include supra-individual efforts to reduce both income inequality and racism. At a time when major social movements in many countries are trying to reduce inequality, racism and oppression (including reforming drug laws), these macro-social issues in public health should be both addressable and a priority in both research and action.
Keywords: Macro-social | people who inject drugs | HIV | racism | income inequality | drug-related arrests | drug law reform | health
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9 Polish psychologists towards eugenic projects
روانشناسان لهستانی به سمت پروژه های اصلاح نژادی-2016
The revival of disputes on establishing eugenics as an independent scholarly discipline triggered current discussions on euthanasia, cloning and in vitro fertilisation. At the edge of the 19th and 20th centuries, people marked with eugenic risk were considered unpro- ductive in terms of the state undisturbed functioning. Usually, such assumption was enough to have the stigmatised person forcibly sterilised.After WW I, Polish elites encountered the modern idea that the newly born Polish state had a chance of fast development thanks to eugenics. Soon, the negative one that applied much cheaper methods replaced positive eugenics. It was enough to legitimate sterilisation, giving consent to contracting marriages and having abortions in order to successively eliminate the factors contributing to ‘the deterioration of hereditary traits’. In 1930–1935, large efforts were made to pass a Polish eugenic law, which eased off a little following Hitlers signing the Nuremberg Laws. Negative consequences of eugenic laws were more and more explicit, and discussions with regard to passing a similar legislation in Poland were carried on until WW II.How is it possible that, despite considerable pressure supported with examples of smooth passing the eugenic laws by other states’ parliaments, the Polish eugenic law was never passed?It is hard to justify any form of accepting negative eugenics taking place after 1936. Regardless of the motives underlying the tacit attitude of the Polish psychologists towards eugenic projects, from the time perspective their silence should be assessed negatively.© 2016 Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology. Published by Elsevier Sp. z o.o. All rightsreserved.§ The paper is an enriched synthesis of the views presented in the texts of T. Rzepa and co-authors listed in the bibliography.* Corresponding author at: Klinika Chirurgii Ogólnej i Naczyń, ul. Długa 1/2, 61-848 Poznań, Poland. Tel.: +48 61 854 91 41; fax: +48 61 854 90 82.E-mail address: goranm@gazeta.pl (M.-G. Stanisic). http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.pin.2016.02.0031230-2813/© 2016 Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology. Published by Elsevier Sp. z o.o. All rights reserved.
Keywords: Positive eugenics | Negative eugenics | Nurenbergs Law | Polish psychologist
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10 استفاده از زبان قضاوت مجرمانه در داستان های شخصی خارج از مدرسه: دانش آموزان، معلمان و ناظران سیاه پوست
سال انتشار: 2015 - تعداد صفحات فایل pdf انگلیسی: 10 - تعداد صفحات فایل doc فارسی: 34
نژاد پرستی نامناسب در تعلیقات خارج از مدرسه، یک موضوع اجتماعی است که بر دانش آموزان، مدارس و خانواده ها تاثیر می گذارد. این مقاله استفاده از زبان قضاوت غیر قانونی در داستان های شخصی تعلیقات خارج از مدرسه را در بین 31 دانش آموز سیاهپوست بین سنین 11-17، 28 ناظر و 19 معلم که در مصاحبات فردی، نیمه سازمانی و ضبط شده شرکت کردند، بررسی کرد. کلیاتی بالغ بر 51 قضاوت مجرمانه و شرایط قانونی به صورت خودجوش 474بار به وسیله ی 59 نفر از 78 شرکت کننده مورد استفاده قرار گرفته بود. تحلیل های زبان های اجتماعی نشان داد که مشارکت کنندگان از قضاوت مجرمانه به طرق مختلفی شامل صحبت کردن با دید قضاوت مجرمانه جهت توجیه یا دوام فعالیت های کیفری، و برای ایجاد مفاهیم جدید در داخل مدرسه استفاده کردند. با استفاده از زبان قضاوت غیر قانونی، یک پیام جدی و پایدار به جوانان در باره ی رابطه ی بین بدرفتاری آنها در مدرسه و سیستم قضاوت مجرمانه، قرستاده شده است. در واقع دانش آموزان با دید مدافعانه ی مجرم، با استفاده از لغاتی مانند "جرم"، "دفاع از خود"، و "زندانی" برای معرفی خود، رفتار و تجربه شان در تعلیقات خارج از مدرسه، صحبت کردند. استفاده از زبان قضاوت مجرمانه در مدرسه ممکن است نگاه سیاه پوستان بر بدرفتاری خودشان را، متناسب با توسعه ی هویت مجرمانه ی خود و جامعه تحت تاثیر قرار دهد. ما استفاده از زبان قضاوت غیرقانونی را مورد بحث قرار دادیم تا به بدرفتاری دانش آموزان در مدرسه به عنوان یک مکانیزم بالقوه در مسیر مدرسه به زندان اشاره کنیم. به طور کلی تر، ما مفاهیمی برای مخالفت با مجرمیت دانش آموزان سیاه پوست به روش هائی که ما با آنها در مدرسه ارتباط برقرار می کنیم، مورد گفتگو قرار می دهیم. کلمات کلیدی: تعلیق های خارج از مدرسه، نظم و انضباط نژادی نامتناسب، تجزیه و تحلیل زبان های اجتماعی، مدرسه به زندان خط لوله، برنامه درسی پنهان
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