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1 Delineating urban hinterland boundaries in the Pearl River Delta: An approach integrating toponym co-occurrence with field strength model
ترسیم مرزهای مناطق شهری در دلتای رود مروارید: رویکرد ادغام همزمان وقایع توپومی با مدل مقاومت میدانی-2020
Urban development requires the support of its surrounding areas. Accurate identification of urban hinterlands can help to scientifically evaluate strength and potential of urban development. The field strength model is regarded as an effective way to identify hinterlands, but the revision of friction coefficient has still not reached a consensus. With the application of big data in urban planning, it is possible to improve the field strength model. Toponym co–occurrence data, as a timely data source directly obtained from the Internet, can be used to reflect the spatiotemporal changes in urban connections, and provide an approach to quantifying the friction coefficient for the division of urban hinterlands. In this study, a new approach was developed by integrating toponym co–occurrence and improved field strength model. We considered the Pearl River Delta urban agglomeration as a case and identified the urban hinterland of each city. The results showed that the friction coefficient among cities fluctuated within a range of 1.25–2.50, the urban hinterlands were no longer confined to their own administrative divisions, and there was fierce competition with other cities. In particular, the urban hinterland of Guangzhou was 3699 km2 larger than its actual administrative area. In addition, the proposed approach was more reliable in urban hinterland identification compared with the traditional fixed friction coefficient method. This study provides an improved field strength model based on toponym co–occurrence, which can identify urban hinterlands more accurately and objectively as well as promote the application of big data in urban planning.
Keywords: Urban hinterland | Toponym co–occurrence | Improved field strength model | Pearl River Delta
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2 Big data in agriculture: Does the new oil lead to sustainability?
داده های بزرگ در کشاورزی: آیا سوخت جدید منجر به پایداری می شود؟-2020
Big data represent a new productive factor (the “new oil” for advocates) that generates new realities in agriculture. By adding an extra “cyber” dimension to current farming systems, big data lead to the emergence of new, complex cyber-physical-social systems. However, our understanding of the sustainability of such systems is still at a rudimental stage. In this critical review we attempt to shed some light on this topic, by identifying and presenting some issues that put in doubt the sustainability of big data agriculture. By using a punctuated equilibria lens, we argue that despite their contribution to the economic and environmental performance of farming, big data act as a speciation mechanism. Hence, they lead to new forms of intraspecific, interspecific and intergeneric competition, thus putting at risk the most vulnerable players of the game. We conclude by pointing out that to holistically address the interrelation between big data and agricultural sustainability we need a hybrid research line, which will combine the qualities of both technology-oriented research and critical social science.
Keywords: Big data | Smart farming | Digital farming | Cyber-physical-social systems | Sustainability | Agriculture
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3 Does data portability facilitate entry?
آیا قابلیت انتقال اطلاعات ورود را تسهیل می کند؟-2020
Data portability rules are generally thought to encourage consumers to switch between different service providers and facilitate entry of new firms. Some of these rules, however, only apply to data “provided by”the consumer (data subject), e.g., purchasing patterns. Data “derived by”a firm (data controller) with the help of data analytics, e.g., recom- mendations derived from purchasing patterns, does not fall under data portability rules. We show that, under the current legislation along with extensive use of data analytics, data portability may hinder switching and entry due to the demand-expansion effect: the prospect of easier switching due to data portability may entice consumers to provide even more data to the incumbent, which strengthens the incumbency advantage. Hence, the ef- fectiveness of data portability in fostering competition will depend on what types of data are portable. More generally, in analysing the effectiveness of polices aiming at reducing ex post switching costs, it is important to take into account their impacts on ex ante actions that build up endogenous entry barrier.
Keywords: Data portability | GDPR | Entry barrier
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4 Do Chinese hospital services constitute an oligopoly? Evidence of the rich-club phenomenon in a patient referral network
آیا خدمات بیمارستان چینی یک الیگپولی است؟ شواهدی از پدیده باشگاه ثروتمند در یک شبکه مراجعه کننده به بیمار-2020
Research on medical practice that uses big data has attracted considerable attention recently. In this paper, we focused on a large set of patient referral data gathered in Fujian province, China, between 2009 and 2011. We built a directed weighted patient referral network. By using four metrics from network science, namely, the power-law distribution, global rich-club coefficient, local richclub coefficient, and assortativity coefficient, we identified a significant rich-club phenomenon in this network. In addition, the community detection was also carried out to find the relationship between rich members and non-rich members. The findings indicate an oligopoly in which Class-III hospitals occupy an overwhelmingly dominant position over the competition. Also, the characteristic ‘significant regional clustering’ was inferred from the results.
Keywords: Healthcare system | Social network analysis | Hospital | China
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5 Problems of engineering entrepreneurship in Africa: A design optimization example in solar thermal engineering
مشکلات کارآفرینی مهندسی در آفریقا: یک نمونه بهینه سازی طراحی در مهندسی حرارتی خورشیدی-2019
This paper addresses Africa’s challenges and opportunities to engineering entrepreneurs. A business environmental scan is done in line with the standard PESTLE analysis, identifying at least twenty generic problems across the continent. Focus is directed to an opportunity in solar water heating, where inadequate electricity supply combines with a plentiful solar resource amidst environmental protection awareness, to make investments potentially worthwhile. Three home level market segments are identified. Key issues in the PESTLE scan are linked with available materials to formulate and solve a design optimization model for these segments. A competition-less product emerges for rural homes. Another – for small urban homes – can be retailed at 50% of current equivalent system prices, and yet, still make profits for the entrepreneur. Both these systems attain average temperatures in excess of 57 C, the fatal level for most pathogenic bacteria. The 3rd and larger system for rich urban homes incorporates a supplementary electric heater that is programmable to kick in half an hour before water withdrawal if solar energy has failed to maintain water temperature above 60 C. The entrepreneur can still make profit if the product retails at 52% of the equivalent competition price.
Keywords: Africa | Design optimization | Engineering entrepreneurship | PESTLE analysis | Solar water heating
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6 FPGA implementation of dynamically reconfigurable IoT security module using algorithm hopping
پیاده سازی FPGA ماژول امنیتی IoT به صورت پویا قابل تنظیم با استفاده از الگوریتم جابجایی-2019
Internet of Things (IoT) is a promising technology that is continuously spreading around the world leading to many challenges facing cryptographic designers who are trying to fulfill the security standards of IoT constrained devices. In this work, a new design is proposed that adds a new dimension of security by using the concept of frequency hopping to generate a pseudo-random pattern for switching between 5 lightweight cryptographic ciphers: AEGIS, ASCON, COLM, Deoxys and OCB that are participating in the Competition for Authenticated Encryption, Security, Applicability, and Robustness (CAESAR). The proposed design exploits the advantages of Dynamic Partial Reconfiguration (DPR) technology in Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) to switch between the 5 ciphers using Internal Configuration Access Port controller (AXI-HWICAP) providing a decrease of 58% and 80% in area utilization and power consumption respectively. The design is synthesized using Xilinx Vivado 2015.2 and mounted on Zynq evaluation board (XC7Z020LG484-1).
Keywords: CAESAR | FPGA | DPR | Cryptography | Hopping | AEAD | IoT
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7 چه چیزی در پاریس درحال رخ دادن است؟ Airbnb، هتلها و بازار پاریس: یک مطالعه موردی
سال انتشار: 2019 - تعداد صفحات فایل pdf انگلیسی: 11 - تعداد صفحات فایل doc فارسی: 29
Airbnb (که یک وب سایت اینترنتی برای ارائه خدمات گردشگری و مهمانداری می باشد) دربین محققان و دانشمندان حوزه گردشگری و مهمانداری مورد بحث های شدید و پُرحرارت قرار گرفته است. به منظور درک تاثیر به اشتراک گذاری P2P روی چشم انداز گردشگری و مهمانداری، ابتدا فهمیدن جزئیات این بازار حائز اهمیت است. بنابراین در این مقاله ما توسعه بازار Airbnb را درطی هفت سال گذشته در پاریس که محبوب ترین مقصد گردشگری برای مهمانان Airbnb با بیش از 40000 اجاره نامه اقامتی می باشد بررسی می کنیم. این یادداشت تحقیقی یک خلاصه ای از یافته ها ما درباره بازار پاریس می باشد. مطالعه ما الگوهای مختلف رشد و فصلی بودن برای Airbnb و هتلها ونیز بی شباهتی های موجود در مکان جغرافیایی آنها را نشان می دهد. یافته ها بیانگر این هستند که دو محصول در رقابت مستقیم باهم نیستند و رابطه آنها ممکن است پیچیده تر از آن چیزی باشد که قبلا" تصور می شد. ما اعتقاد داریم که بررسی ماهیت رابطه رقابتی می تواند یک مسیر ارزشمند برای بررسی بیشتر باشد.
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8 آیا سرمایه گذاری در بازاریابی رابطه ای برای تجارت بندری واقعاً ارزشمند است؟
سال انتشار: 2019 - تعداد صفحات فایل pdf انگلیسی: 9 - تعداد صفحات فایل doc فارسی: 35
پایانه های کانتینری به خاطر نیروهایی نظیر اتحادهای استراتژیک، خصوصی سازی، مناطق همپوشان و اپراتورهای پایانه جهانی، با رقابت شدید و محیطی دائماً در حال تغییر مواجه شده اند. برای توجیه هزینه های بالای سرمایه گذاری و بهره برداری و رسیدن به سودآوری، پایانه های کانتینری بایستی به حجم بار رضایت بخشی برسند. عملاً، سرمایه گذاریهای فیزیکی و همکاری میان بنادر راههای فعلی مبارزه بنادر به نیروهای جدید در بازار حمل و نقل کانتینری به حساب می آیند. به علاوه، یکی از عوامل مهم برای بندر جهت تضمین جریانات کافی، وفاداری مشتری می باشد. این مطالعه، تاثیرات تاکتیک های بازاریابی رابطه ای بر شاخص های عملکرد مالی و غیر مالی پایانه های کانتینری را بررسی می کند. داده های مورد نظر از 24 پایانه کانتینری واقع در ترکیه (134 پاسخ) جمع آوری و از طریق مدلسازی معادله ساختاری چند سطحی مورد تجزیه و تحلیل قرار گرفت. براساس یافته های بدست آمده، نتیجه اصلی ما آن است که هرچه بندر تاکتیک های بازاریابی رابطه ای را بیشتر پیاده کند، به همان نسبت کیفیت ارتباط با مشتری بالاتر است، که در ادامه ازآن به عنوان عملکرد ارتباط با مشتری، و متعاقباً عملکرد مالی نام برده می شود.
کلمات کلیدی: بازاریابی رابطه ای | بازاریابی خدمات بندر | ارتباط با مشتری بندر | عملکرد مالی بندر | عملکرد بندر
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9 Comparison of banking innovation in low-income countries: A meta-frontier approach
مقایسه نوآوری بانکی در کشورهای کم درآمد: یک رویکرد فرامرزی-2019
Financial innovation is a crucial factor behind many of the improvements in the financial sector that directly affect the economy in a positive way. Financial innovation may also alter financial intermediation and increase reliability and transparency. Research has demonstrated that levels of financial innovation are similar among high-income countries; however, research has shown that financial development differs substantially in low income countries regardless of the economic size, suggesting that financial innovation may also differ. This study evaluated the levels of financial innovation and the determinants of innovation within the low-income countries. In particular, a new two-step meta-frontier approach was constructed to estimate technology gap ratios, and a censored model was built to establish their determinants. The results show that low-income countries do in fact vary greatly in terms of financial innovation. Competition, financial inclusion and banking access constitute major determinants of financial innovation.
Keywords: Financial innovation | Technology gap ratio | Cost efficiency | Stochastic meta-frontier analysis | Low-income countries
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10 Foreign penetration, competition, and financial freedom: Evidence from the banking industries in emerging markets
نفوذ خارجی ، رقابت و آزادی مالی: شواهدی از صنایع بانکی در بازارهای نوظهور-2019
Traditional theories suggest that foreign entry intensifies competition and improves efficiency in a banking sector. However, the positive impacts may be offset by several factors, such as foreign banks’ “cherry-picking” lending practice, mergers & acquisitions, and the “crowd-out” effect. Based on a sample of commercial and savings banks collected from Bankscope, this paper investigates the effects of foreign penetration on bank competition in the host countries. Using the two-step Arellano-Bond system GMM method, we show that the entry of foreign banks enhances competition in the banking systems among the sampled developing countries between 2000 and 2014. The positive relationship between foreign penetration and banking competition is more conspicuous after the 2008–2009 global recession. Latin American countries appear to benefit more from foreign bank penetration during the sample period than emerging markets in Asia. Also, the level of a host country’s financial freedom has a moderation effect on the “foreign penetration—competition” nexus.
Keywords: Emerging market economies | Banking | Foreign penetration | Competition
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