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1 بازاریابی جاذبه ای دیجیتال: اندازه گیری عملکرد اقتصادی تجارت الکترونیکی خواروبار در اروپا و آمریکا
سال انتشار: 2021 - تعداد صفحات فایل pdf انگلیسی: 13 - تعداد صفحات فایل doc فارسی: 30
این تحقیق به بررسی رابطه هزینه-نتیجه اقدامات بازاریابی جاذبه ای مورد استفاده تجارت الکترونیکی خواروبار می پردازد. این تحلیل بر اساس به کارگیری مدل درفمن و استینر (1954) برای بودجه تبلیغات بهینه است که مولفین آن را با بازاریابی دیجیتال تطبیق می دهند و با تحلیل آماری تجاری تایید میکنند. با توجه به 29 شرکت عمده در شش کشور در افق زمانی شش سال، تحلیل ترکیبی تکنیک های بهینه سازی موتور جستجو و بازاریابی موتور جستجو هدف جذب کارکنان به صفحات وب شرکت ها را دنبال می کند. نتایج تایید می کند که تجارت الکترونیکی بازاریابی جاذبه ای دیجیتال را بهینه سازی می کند. تفاوت ها بسته به نوع فرمت و سطح کشور فرق دارند.
واژگان کلیدی: بازاریابی جاذبه ای | بازاریابی دیجیتال | تجارت الکترونیک | خرده فروشی | عملکرد اقتصادی | بهینه سازی سرمایه گذاری بازاریابی.
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2 Applying emergy and decoupling analysis to assess the sustainability of China’s coal mining area
استفاده از تحلیل اضطراری و جداسازی برای ارزیابی پایداری منطقه استخراج زغال سنگ چین-2020
The sustainable development of coal mining area continues to be one of the most topical issues in the world. Taking Shainxi Province as a case, this study applies emergy and decoupling analysis to build a multi-index sustainability evaluation system and constructs an emergy decoupling index to investigate the sustainability of a coal mining area in China during 2006e2015. It overcomes the problem of the unification of the traditional evaluation index system and integrates the influence of economic development, resources, the environment, and energy. The study finds that the coal mining area still depends on its coal resources. The sustainability of the coal mining area is still at a low level, and it is not sustainable in the long term. The economic growth still has a strong negative decoupling from the environmental loss. Energy management system and circular economic system should be built to improve the coal mining area’s sustainability. In the long run, the coal mining industry should gradually be abandoned. Based on China’s growing energy consumption, the findings of this study may not only serve as a reference for management to improve the sustainability of the coal mining areas but also to address China’s energy shortage problem.
Keywords: Sustainability | Emergy analysis | Decoupling | Coal mining area
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3 Supporting entrepreneurs : A systematic review of literature and an agenda for research
حمایت از کارآفرینان: مرور سیستماتیک ادبیات و دستور کار تحقیقی-2020
Entrepreneurship has become a cornerstone of economic development. The public awareness of this phenomenon spurred great interest from the academic community and policy makers alongside the creation of a vast range of entrepreneurship support initiatives. We conduct a systematic review of 122 academic articles published during a thirty year period between 1985–2015 that help to identify a series of theoretical, empirical, and practical gaps that form the basis of a research agenda. For instance, there is a shortage of conceptual articles and few empirical studies generating theoretical contributions; samples are small and idiosyncratic; context is rarely considered; and that mechanisms of ES are largely unknown. We propose that ES should develop along four main themes that ameliorate these exposed gaps: acknowledge and understand the heterogeneity of entrepreneurs and new ventures; apply existing theories to ES; improve methods and research design; and integrate ES into the ecosystem of support.
Keywords: Entrepreneurship Support | Technology entrepreneurship | Systematic Literature Review | Entrepreneurship
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4 Knowledge Diffusion and economic Growth based on Fourier’s law
انتشار دانش و رشد اقتصادی براساس قانون فوریه-2020
Learning is the basic thing for a person’s growth, whenever in school or on the work. Also the economic growth of a country depends its technology and science. The knowledge diffusion in a firm dynamic system is important. Some former models have been given by Fernando E. Alvarez, Francisco J. Buera and Robert E. Lucas, Jr’s paper: “Models of Idea Flows” (Alvarez et al., 2008). Our model based on the earlier work but extend the definition of spread direction based on Fourier’s law, in which case can also explain the asymptotic equilibrium state. Solving the partial differential equation helps us to learn the solution well. A simulation is given using finite difference method to sketch the curve moving, also comparing with the realistic economic curves and they are fit. It can well explain the economic stable in the closed system of a single country and a “huge” change under some special outside “source” power.
Keywords: Knowledge diffusion | Economic growth | Fourier’s law | Finite difference method | Partial differential equation
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5 Intelligent energy management in off-grid smart buildings with energy interaction
مدیریت انرژی هوشمند در ساختمانهای هوشمند خارج از شبکه با تعامل انرژی-2020
The energy interaction between smart homes can be a solution for developing renewable energy systems in residential sections and optimal energy consumption in homes. The main objectives of such energy interactions are to increase consumer participation in energy management‘ boost economic efficiency‘ increase the user’s satisfaction by choosing between electricity sellers and buyers‘ and reduce the electricity purchased from the grid especially at peak hours. Thus, the innovations of this study includes defining an energy exchange method between smart buildings in an off-grid mode considering renewable energy systems, considering both thermal and electrical equilibrium and studying the lightning loads. it is assumed, here, that smart homes are off-grid‘ and the critical loads are supplied by the energy transfer between the homes using mixed integer linear programming. A compromise between the cost and time interval for using home appliances is considered to provide consumer’s comfort. An objective function is introduced considering programmable and non-programmable loads‘ thermal and electrical storages and lighting loads aiming to optimize the cost of energy between different smart buildings. Based on the method, which is tested in two different cases not only does the total cost of the smart buildings decrease but also the cost is reduced significantly when lightning loads are managed.
Keywords: Energy management | Smart homes | Smart microgrid | Energy storage system | Wind turbine
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6 Democratization of AI, Albeit Constrained IoT Devices & Tiny ML, for Creating a Sustainable Food Future
دموکراتیک سازی هوش مصنوعی ، دستگاه های محدود IoT و Tiny ML ، برای ایجاد آینده غذایی پایدار-2020
Abstract—Big Data surrounds us. Every minute, our smartphone collects huge amount of data from geolocations to next clickable item on the ecommerce site. Data has become one of the most important commodities for the individuals and companies. Nevertheless, this data revolution has not touched every economic sector, especially rural economies, e.g., small farmers have largely passed over the data revolution, in the developing countries due to infrastructure and compute constrained environments. Not only this is a huge missed opportunity for the big data companies, it is one of the significant obstacle in the path towards sustainable food and a huge inhibitor closing economic disparities. The purpose of the paper is to develop a framework to deploy artificial intelligence models in constrained compute environments that enable remote rural areas and small farmers to join the data revolution and start contribution to the digital economy and empowers the world through the data to create a sustainable food for our collective future.
Keywords: edge | IoT device | artificial intelligence | Kalman filter | dairy cloud | small scale farmers | hardware constrained model | tiny ML| Hanumayamma | cow necklace
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7 Women entrepreneurs as agents of change : A comparative analysis of social entrepreneurship processes in emerging markets
زنان کارآفرین به عنوان عوامل تغییر: تحلیل مقایسه ای فرایندهای کارآفرینی اجتماعی در بازارهای نوظهور-2020
In recent years, social and women entrepreneurship have become two growing fields of entrepreneurship research. In the context of social entrepreneurship, earlier research indicates that women are a better fit for leading social enterprises. However, the relevance of gender in the field of social entrepreneurship is underexplored and calls for further research, framing the mainstay of this study. Through a multiple case study approach employing four firms from two emerging markets – India and Colombia – we analyze how women entrepreneurs engage in social entrepreneurship processes in uncertain Base of the Pyramid environments. We use the effectuation lens to investigate the entrepreneurial journey and decision-making logics employed at various stages of the venture development. Findings show that women social entrepreneurs are highly motivated concerning social issues. Also, women entrepreneurs show a subtle transition between the two approaches of causation and effectuation during the venture creation processes. This study highlights the specific challenges that women entrepreneurs face in the emerging market context and the inclusive strategies they employ to enhance socio-economic development.
Keywords: Social entrepreneurship | Women entrepreneurship | Inclusive business | BoP | Emerging economies
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8 Influencing factors on energy management in industries
تأثیر عوامل مؤثر بر مدیریت انرژی در صنایع-2020
Energy management has been considered in the global agenda as a way to improve energy performance and greenhouse gas reduction in organizations. Industries account for a significant part of energy use worldwide and present opportunities for energy efficiency improvements. Within the industry, energy management is a complex task, regarding scenarios with variables related to the following perspectives: economics, contingency, technological change and behavioural. This paper aims at analyzing the influencing factors on energy management in industries from these perspectives. A survey with 40 variables was carried out with middle managers from different industrial sectors in Brazil. The variables were divided into three groups: drivers for investments in energy efficiency; organizational processes and actions in energy management; involvement of middle managers. Initially, an exploratory factor analysis technique was employed aiming at specifying the main factors influencing energy management. In the sequence, a confirmatory factor analysis was used to associate the variables to the main factors as well as to know how the factors relate to each other. The study showed a positive correlation among all the factors identified. Statistical tests suggested that the factors could not be explained separately. Hypotheses tests were applied to verify the influence of the factors among the groups surveyed. The final model comprised eight factors into the three groups: organizational (strategic, operational), involvement (motivation, support), drivers (production, economics, competitiveness, environment). The results and the main implications of the study are discussed in the paper.
Keywords: Energy management | ISO 50001 | Energy efficiency | Industries | Factor analysis
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9 The potential of simulations for developing multiple learning outcomes: The student perspective
پتانسیل شبیه سازی برای ایجاد نتایج یادگیری چندگانه: دیدگاه دانشجو-2020
One of the main challenges for higher education study plans in business, management and economics is to go beyond traditional teaching models to foster skills development, and to de- velop interdisciplinary approaches to enhance education for sustainable development. This ar- ticle presents an innovative classroom activity for advancing multiple learning outcomes in economics courses, and measures student perceptions about how useful simulations can be to develop these key learning outcomes. It consists of a simulation in which students represent different countries and carry out international exchanges to implement a set of public policies, attempting to improve their overall social and economic performance through the lens of the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals. Overall, the findings suggest that students perceived the simulation as a very productive tool to develop multiple learning outcomes. They considered it particularly useful with regard to improving their knowledge acquisition, problem solving, critical thinking and interpersonal skills. They also stated that role-play activities are an effective way to enhance affective-learning outcomes. This simulation is suitable to be implemented in different economics courses, such as international political economy, international economics and other regional economics courses. It could also be adapted to several classroom settings with groups of different sizes.
Keywords: Simulation | Role-play | Problem-based | International economics | Sustainable development goals | 2030 agenda
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10 MISS-D: A fast and scalable framework of medical image storage service based on distributed file system
MISS-D: یک چارچوب سریع و مقیاس پذیر از خدمات ذخیره سازی تصویر پزشکی بر اساس سیستم فایل توزیع شده-2020
Background and Objective Processing of medical imaging big data is deeply challenging due to the size of data, computational complexity, security storage and inherent privacy issues. Traditional picture archiving and communication system, which is an imaging technology used in the healthcare industry, generally uses centralized high performance disk storage arrays in the practical solutions. The existing storage solutions are not suitable for the diverse range of medical imaging big data that needs to be stored reliably and accessed in a timely manner. The economical solution is emerging as the cloud computing which provides scalability, elasticity, performance and better managing cost. Cloud based storage architecture for medical imaging big data has attracted more and more attention in industry and academia. Methods This study presents a novel, fast and scalable framework of medical image storage service based on distributed file system. Two innovations of the framework are introduced in this paper. An integrated medical imaging content indexing file model for large-scale image sequence is designed to adapt to the high performance storage efficiency on distributed file system. A virtual file pooling technology is proposed, which uses the memory-mapped file method to achieve an efficient data reading process and provides the data swapping strategy in the pool. Result The experiments show that the framework not only has comparable performance of reading and writing files which meets requirements in real-time application domain, but also bings greater convenience for clinical system developers by multiple client accessing types. The framework supports different user client types through the unified micro-service interfaces which basically meet the needs of clinical system development especially for online applications. The experimental results demonstrate the framework can meet the needs of real-time data access as well as traditional picture archiving and communication system. Conclusions This framework aims to allow rapid data accessing for massive medical images, which can be demonstrated by the online web client for MISS-D framework implemented in this paper for real-time data interaction. The framework also provides a substantial subset of features to existing open-source and commercial alternatives, which has a wide range of potential applications.
Keywords: Hadoop distributed file system | Data packing | Memory mapping file | Message queue | Micro-service | Medical imaging
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