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1 Mothering in accounting: Feminism, motherhood, and making partnership in accountancy in Germany and the UK
مادران در حسابداری: فمینیسم، مادران، و مشارکت در حسابداری در آلمان و انگلستان-2021
Women remain significantly underrepresented at partnership level in accounting firms. The past three decades witnessed a steady increase in investment and research in gender equality in the profession, but there is a scholarly reluctance to focus specifically on motherhood despite the fact that four in five women will have children in their lifetime and experience inequality and discrimination as a result of their status as mothers. This article shares original empirical data of interviews with 60 female partners in Germany and the UK, focusing specifically on their experiences of motherhood and mothering. Theoretically, this article is framed by O’Reilly’s (2016a) matricentric feminism and Gatrell, Cooper and Kossek’s (2017) Douglasian thesis of the maternal body as a social pollutant at work. In Germany, the accounts frequently juxtaposed the maternal body with professionalism, with mothers expected to work part-time, but part-time working patterns deemed irreconcilable with partnership. Becoming a mother was often experienced as representing a burden to others at work. In the UK, the respondents were concerned with accessing maternity leave and returning to work, with some finding it challenging to make claims on the basis of their status as mothers. Half of the mothers were married to ‘househusbands’, often working like normative fathers, with some noting a lack of ‘choice’ in the matter despite their status and financial independence. In both countries, the unencumbered norm was mostly left unchallenged and the task of managing and hiding one’s care responsibilities left for individual women to work out in private, with the primary beneficiary of this concealment being the firm and its clients. The article demonstrates that we must make space for the study of mothering in accountancy if we want to be serious about tackling gender inequality within the profession.
keywords:جنسیت | مادری | فمینیسم ماتریکس | مشارکت | نئولیبرالیسم | آلمان | Gender | Motherhood | Matricentric feminism | Partnership | Neoliberalism | Germany
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2 Direct entry: Fairness, resilience and the impact on regular cops
ورود مستقیم: انصاف، انعطاف پذیری و تأثیر بر پلیس های معمولی-2020
The discourse emerging from the professionalization agenda focuses on a drive for new and diverse knowledge. The Direct Entry (DE) scheme in England and Wales is one practice that at- tempts to facilitate this. Controversial debates about operational experience and an over reliance on classroom-based learning, have become routine. By drawing on qualitative data from the Police Federation Pay and Morale Survey which explored perceptions of College of Policing initiatives, this paper reviews officer views on the DE scheme. The paper discusses the negativity surrounding the scheme and the consequences on both the scheme itself and the professional identity of officers. The authors conclude that without further engagement with frontline staff anda shift in what is viewed as credible knowledge, negative perceptions will prevail. Moreover, the article argues that officers’ can distance the new skills bought in through the Direct Entrants and reaffirm their own competence through processes of ‘othering’.
Keywords: Direct entry | Experience | Knowledge | Policing | Organisational justice | Othering
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3 Gendered drug policy: Motherisk and the regulation of mothering in Canada
سیاست مواد مخدر جنسیتی: Motherisk و تنظیم مادرانگی در کانادا-2019
Background: Due to misinformation and enduring discourses about pregnant women and mothers suspected of using drugs, these women continue to experience systemic discrimination. In 2014, this fact was once again made public in Canada when the Ontario government established an independent review of hair testing practices conducted by Motherisk Drug Testing Laboratory (MDTL) at Torontos Hospital for Sick Kids. Between 2005 and 2015, MDTL tested the hair of more than 16,000 individuals for drug consumption. The results were introduced as evidence in court and resulted in both temporary and permanent loss of custody of children. Tragically, it was later discovered that the hair testing results were unreliable. This paper provides an analysis of child protection policies and practices directed at pregnant women and mothers suspected of using drugs, with a focus on the Motherisk tragedy in Ontario. Methods: Informed by feminist and critical drug perspectives, this study draws from findings in the 2015″Report of the Motherisk Hair Analysis Independent Review," produced by Honourable Susan Lang, and provides a Bacchi-informed critical analysis of Commissioner Beamans 2018 report of the Motherisk Commission, "Harmful Impacts: The Reliance on Hair Testing in Child Protection" (HI). Results: The HI report is quite sympathetic to the plight of families and it acknowledges systemic issues and unequal power relations between families, social workers and the courts. Even though drug testing is an inadequate measure of parenting capacity, the HI report does not recommend banning the practice. In the HI report, the themes of harm reduction and drug prohibition are notably absent — while the use of gender-neutral terms, such as "parent" and "families," render mothers invisible. Conclusions: The Motherisk tragedy cannot be understood as an isolated event, rather it is part of a continuum of state and gendered violence against poor, Indigenous, and Black women in Canada. The HI report fails to consider how prohibitionist discourses about drugs, addiction, mothering, and risk lead to institutional practices such as drug testing and child apprehension.
Keywords: Motherisk | Women | Race | Drug testing | Child apprehension
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4 “Do you dare to compare?” Associations between maternal social comparisons on social networking sites and parenting, mental health, and romantic relationship outcomes
“Do you dare to compare?” Associations between maternal social comparisons on social networking sites and parenting, mental health, and romantic relationship outcomes-2017
Social comparisons on social networking sites can be problematic for some individuals. However, this has never been examined in a parenting context, where the pressure for mothers to portray themselves as “perfect parents” may be high. The aim of the current study was to examine associations between making social comparisons on social networking sites with mothers’ parenting, mental health, and romantic relationship outcomes. In the iMom Project, 721 mothers completed a number of questionnaires regarding their social media use, parenting behaviors, and health outcomes. Results revealed that making social comparisons on social networking sites was related to parenting outcomes (in the form of higher levels of parental role overload, and lower levels of parental competence and perceived social support), relationship outcomes (in the form of more conflict over social networking sites and perceiving less positive coparenting relationships) and higher levels of maternal depression. This study adds to a growing literature suggesting that making social comparisons online may be associated with a number of negative outcomes, and extends it to the context of mothering. This study has implications for the way that mothers use social media, specifically in the use of social comparisons.
Keywords: Parenting | Social networking | Social media | Facebook | Maternal health | Social comparison | Mother
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