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1 آیا سرمایه گذاری در بازاریابی رابطه ای برای تجارت بندری واقعاً ارزشمند است؟
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پایانه های کانتینری به خاطر نیروهایی نظیر اتحادهای استراتژیک، خصوصی سازی، مناطق همپوشان و اپراتورهای پایانه جهانی، با رقابت شدید و محیطی دائماً در حال تغییر مواجه شده اند. برای توجیه هزینه های بالای سرمایه گذاری و بهره برداری و رسیدن به سودآوری، پایانه های کانتینری بایستی به حجم بار رضایت بخشی برسند. عملاً، سرمایه گذاریهای فیزیکی و همکاری میان بنادر راههای فعلی مبارزه بنادر به نیروهای جدید در بازار حمل و نقل کانتینری به حساب می آیند. به علاوه، یکی از عوامل مهم برای بندر جهت تضمین جریانات کافی، وفاداری مشتری می باشد. این مطالعه، تاثیرات تاکتیک های بازاریابی رابطه ای بر شاخص های عملکرد مالی و غیر مالی پایانه های کانتینری را بررسی می کند. داده های مورد نظر از 24 پایانه کانتینری واقع در ترکیه (134 پاسخ) جمع آوری و از طریق مدلسازی معادله ساختاری چند سطحی مورد تجزیه و تحلیل قرار گرفت. براساس یافته های بدست آمده، نتیجه اصلی ما آن است که هرچه بندر تاکتیک های بازاریابی رابطه ای را بیشتر پیاده کند، به همان نسبت کیفیت ارتباط با مشتری بالاتر است، که در ادامه ازآن به عنوان عملکرد ارتباط با مشتری، و متعاقباً عملکرد مالی نام برده می شود.
کلمات کلیدی: بازاریابی رابطه ای | بازاریابی خدمات بندر | ارتباط با مشتری بندر | عملکرد مالی بندر | عملکرد بندر
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2 Integration of unified theory of acceptance and use of technology in internet banking adoption setting: Evidence from Pakistan
تجمیع تئوری یکپارچه پذیرش و استفاده از فناوری در زمینه پذیرش بانکداری اینترنتی: شواهدی از پاکستان-2019
The banking sector has evolved in information technology for their internal and external business operations. In effect, user acceptance of internet banking is considered as one of the most fundamental issue in banking sector. In order to identify which factors affect user intention to adopt internet banking, this study develops an amalgamated model based on technology and social psychological literature. The research model was empirically tested using 398 responses from customers of commercial banks. Data was analyzed using structural equation modeling (SEM). The results of this study provided theoretical and empirical support for newly developed integrated model. Importance performance matrix analysis (IPMA) revealed that assurance is the most influential factor among all others to determine users intention to adopt internet banking. These findings provide valuable insight to marketers and managers to understand customer behavior towards adoption of technology, especially in emerging e-payment domain. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first study that investigates internet banking adoption issues with integrated technology model (UTAUT & E-SQ) in South Asia. Finally the study calls for researchers to use current integrated model in other e-commerce domains such as online shopping websites to establish the external validity of the model.
Keywords: Unified theory of acceptance and use of | technology (UTAUT) | E-Service quality (E-SQ) | Internet banking adoption |Integration | Structural equation modeling (SEM)
مقاله انگلیسی
3 Determinants of the competitive advantage of dairy supply chains: Evidence from the Chinese dairy industry
عوامل تعیین کننده مزیت رقابتی در زنجیره های تامین فراورده های لبنی: شواهدی از صنعت لبنی چینی-2019
In this study, we use an evidence-based approach to examine the factors that determine the competitive advantage of dairy supply chains using evidence from the Chinese dairy industry. We focus on the quality assurance of dairy products, which is considered one of the fundamental influential factors. We investigate interrelationships among the identified determinants, which include dairy production behavior, dairy cow culture model, government regulations, corporate social responsibility, and quality assurance, and examine how these determinants influence the competitive advantage of dairy supply chains. We employ the structural equation modeling approach in which grouped observable variables that represent the identified determinants are extrapolated from primary data collected through a questionnaire survey. Our key findings show that by mediating the effects of dairy production behavior and the dairy cow culture model, government regulation and corporate social responsibility significantly affect the quality assurance of dairy products. In turn, dairy production behavior and the dairy cow culture model significantly affect the competitive advantage of the dairy supply chain via the fully mediated effects of the quality assurance of dairy products. Specifically, the dairy cow culture model helps ensure the safety and quality of milk supply, allowing core dairy firms to control product quality throughout the dairy supply chain. Our empirical study shows that the identified determinants interact to assure the quality of dairy products and enhance the competitive advantage of the dairy supply chain in China.
Keywords: Dairy | Supply chain | Competitive advantage | Quality assurance | Structural equation model
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4 Examining the role of trust and quality dimensions in the actual usage of mobile banking services: An empirical investigation
بررسی نقش اعتماد و ابعاد کیفیت در استفاده واقعی از خدمات بانکی همراه: یک تحقیق تجربی-2019
Mobile banking (m-banking) has emerged dynamically over the years due to consumers increased use of mobile technologies, their ever-growing lifestyle choices and also the several different economic factors. This paper proposes a new research model by extending the DeLone & McLean information systems (D&M IS) success model to understand users’ actual usage of m-banking. The research model was tested and validated using data collected by survey from 227 Omani residents. This study employed a two-staged analytical approach by combining structural equation modeling and neural network analysis. The results divulge that satisfaction and intention to use stand as two important precedents of actual usage, and the satisfaction also mediates the relationship between service quality, information quality and trust with intention to use m-banking and negates with that of system quality. We have provided the theoretical as well as practical implications of the findings.
Keywords: Mobile banking | M-banking | D&M IS model | Trust | Actual usage
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5 Acquiescence and conflict in exchanges between inbound tour operators and their overseas outbound partners: A case study on Tanzania
موافقت و تعارض در تبادل های بین عملگران گردشگری داخلی و شرکای برون مرزی آنها: یک مطالعه روی تانزانیا-2018
Achieving partner acquiescence is critical in interfirm exchanges because it allows the focal firm to achieve its desired outcomes. Using a case study on dyadic relationships between inbound tour operators in Tanzania and their overseas outbound partners, this paper investigates the effect of partner irreplaceability and distributive fairness on acquiescence, and the subsequent effect that acquiescence has on conflict. The case study uses partial least squares structural equation modeling on data collected from 129 dyadic relationships. Results show that partner irreplaceability and distributive fairness are positively associated with acquiescence, which in turn reduces conflict. The effect of distributive fairness on acquiescence was found to be larger than that of irreplaceability. In addition, the direct effect of distributive fairness on conflict, although not hypothesised, was found to be significant. This emphasises the importance of distributive fairness, and its role as a possible buffer to conflict in less acquiescent exchanges.
keywords: Partner irreplaceability| Distributive fairness| Acquiescence| Conflict| Interfirm exchange| Tourism value chain
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6 Four forces of supply chain social sustainability adoption in emerging economies
چهار نیروی پذیرش ماندگاری اجتماعی زنجیره تامین در اقتصادهای نوظهور-2018
Despite the growing stakeholder awareness on social sustainability issues, little is known about what influences firms to adopt social sustainability in their supply chain management practices and the benefits gained from such efforts. This is especially true for emerging economies in Asia and Southwestern Europe, where the social norms differ significantly. Building on stakeholders and institutional perspectives, we address the issue by exploring how pressures from customers, sustainability culture, government, and external stakeholders act as primary constituents of the firm in determining the extent to which firm consider supply chain social sustainability adoption in emerging economies. Further, we explore how such social sustainability adoption relates to the firm suppliers social performance, the buyers operational performance and the buying firms social reputation. We test the hypothesized model empirically using data from 244 Indian and 126 Portuguese firms. Our results are consistent with the hypothesized model; all factors show significant influence and positive links with the firms benefits.
keywords: Social sustainability |Emerging economy |Sustainability |Institutional mechanisms |Structural equation modeling
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7 Establishing relationship between TQM practices and employee performance: The mediating role of change readiness
برقراری رابطه بین روشهای مدیریت کل کیفیت و عملکرد کارکنان: نقش واسطه ای آمادگی برای تغییر-2018
The study aims to examine the relationship between Total Quality Management (TQM) practices and employee performance in dynamic technological sector. In addition, the mediating role of individual change readiness (ICR) between TQM practices and employee performance is also observed. The quantitative study has been carried out in software houses of Pakistan and data is analyzed through descriptive statistics, correlation analysis and Structural Equation Modeling. The results reveal that TQM practices and ICR provide significant support to measure employee performance. Furthermore, the results of this study also support the mediating role of ICR. Findings are important because employee change readiness brings a sound contribution to the level of organizational change. This study is a novel contribution of ICR mediation on the relationships between TQM practices and employee performance.
keywords: Individual change readiness |TQM practices |Employee performance |Software houses |Pakistan
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8 Environmental uncertainty, specific assets, and opportunism in 3PL relationships: A transaction cost economics perspective
عدم قطعیت محیطی، دارایی های ویژه و فرصت طلبی در روابط 3PL: یک دیدگاه اقتصادی هزینه ای تراکنشی-2018
Service provider opportunism is a serious concern in third party logistics (3PL) relationships. However, our knowledge about the antecedents of 3PL providers opportunism is limited. According to transaction cost economics (TCE), increased transaction costs cause opportunism. This study incorporates key TCE constructs (environmental uncertainty, specific assets, and opportunism) and conducts a transaction cost analysis. We argue that environmental uncertainty and specific assets create exchange hazards that result in opportunism. Meanwhile, specific assets reduce coordination costs raised by environmental uncertainty. Building on these arguments, this study tests a model that hypothesizes that environmental uncertainty (demand, supply, and technology uncertainty), and specific assets (user- and provider-specific assets) are positively related to opportunism, and that environmental uncertainty is positively related to specific assets. Structural equation modeling is used to examine data from 247 3PL relationships in China. The results show that demand uncertainty decreases opportunism, supply uncertainty increases opportunism, and technology uncertainty does not have a significant effect. User-specific assets increase opportunism, while provider-specific assets decrease opportunism. Demand and supply uncertainty have positive effects on user-specific assets, but non-significant effects on provider-specific assets, while technology uncertainty does not have a significant impact on user or provider-specific assets. In general, our findings are supported by the rationale of TCE, and industrial or cultural factors can explain several surprising findings. This study contributes to 3PL literature and practice.
keywords: Environmental uncertainty |Specific assets |Opportunism |3PL |Transaction cost economics
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9 Antecedents to innovation performance in SMEs: A mixed methods approach
سوابق به عملکرد نوآوری در شرکتهای کوچک و متوسط: یک روش رویکرد ترکیبی-2018
The studies on product innovation performance (PIP) are not conclusive. In this paper, we use a mixed methods approach to fill this gap. First, we use structural equation modeling to determine the antecedents to PIP and whether a managers training level moderates the relation between the antecedents and PIP. Second, we apply a fuzzy-set qualitative comparative analysis (fsQCA) to identify alternative configurations that lead either to PIP or its absence. The sample comprises data from an online survey of 367 certified innovative Portuguese small and medium enterprises. The results show that the antecedents to information technology support and knowledge sharing positively affect an organizations learning capacity that in turn positively affects PIP. No evidence exists for the moderating effect of the training level. The efficiency of PIP positively affects its efficacy. Alternative configurations exist that lead to the presence or absence of this efficacy.
Keywords: Product innovation performance ، Mixed methods ، Structural equations modeling ، Fuzzy-set qualitative comparative analysis
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10 Expatriates managers’ cultural intelligence as promoter of knowledge transfer in multinational companies
هوش فرهنگی مدیران به عنوان ترویج انتقال دانش در شرکت های چند ملیتی-2018
This study analyzes the role of the Cultural Intelligence (CQ) of expatriate managers in the processes of Conventional (CKT) and Reverse Knowledge Transfer (RKT) in Multinational Companies (MNCs). The Partial Least Squares-Structural Equation Modeling (PLS-SEM) technique was adopted to analyze the data from a survey of 103 senior expatriate managers working in Croatia. The study reveals how CQ, in all of its four dimensions (metacognitive, cognitive, behavioral, and motivational), acts as a knowledge de-codification and codification filter, assisting managers in the Knowledge Transfer process. The study also reveals how previous international experience does not moderate the positive effect of CQ on both CKT and RKT, offering important theoretical and practical insights to support MNCs in the KT process.
Keywords: Cultural Intelligence ، Knowledge Transfer ، MNCs ، Croatia ، PLS-SEM
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