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نتیجه جستجو - Systematic review

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1 Drivers, barriers and social considerations for AI adoption in business and management: A tertiary study
رانندگان ، موانع و ملاحظات اجتماعی برای پذیرش هوش مصنوعی در مشاغل و مدیریت: یک مطالعه عالی-2020
The number of academic papers in the area of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its applications across business and management domains has risen significantly in the last decade, and that rise has been followed by an increase in the number of systematic literature reviews. The aim of this study is to provide an overview of existing systematic reviews in this growing area of research and to synthesise their findings related to enablers, barriers and social implications of the AI adoption in business and management. The methodology used for this tertiary study is based on Kitchenham and Charter’s guidelines [14], resulting in a selection of 30 reviews published between 2005 and 2019 which are reporting results of 2,021 primary studies. These reviews cover the AI adoption across various business sectors (healthcare, information technology, energy, agriculture, apparel industry, engineering, smart cities, tourism and transport), management and business functions (HR, customer services, supply chain, health and safety, project management, decisionsupport, systems management and technology acceptance). While the drivers for the AI adoption in these areas are mainly economic, the barriers are related to the technical aspects (e.g. availability of data, reusability of models) as well as the social considerations such as, increased dependence on non-humans, job security, lack of knowledge, safety, trust and lack of multiple stakeholders’ perspectives. Very few reviews outside of the healthcare management domain consider human, organisational and wider societal factors and implications of the AI adoption. Most of the selected reviews are recommending an increased focus on social aspects of AI, in addition to more rigorous evaluation, use of hybrid approaches (AI and non-AI) and multidisciplinary approaches to AI design and evaluation. Furthermore, this study found that there is a lack of systematic reviews in some of the AI early adopter sectors such as financial industry and retail and that the existing systematic reviews are not focusing enough on human, organisational or societal implications of the AI adoption in their research objectives.
Keywords: artificial intelligence | business | machine learning | management | systematic literature review | tertiary study
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2 Efficacy and safety of oral and inhalation commercial beta-glucan products: Systematic review of randomized controlled trials
اثربخشی و ایمنی محصولات بتا گلوکان تجاری و خوراکی استنشاق: مرور سیستماتیک کارآزمایی کنترل شده تصادفی-2020
Background & aims: Beta-glucans are advertised as biologically active compounds, with various health claims.We aimed to summarize results about efficacy and safety of commercial oral and inhalation betaglucan products on human health from randomized controlled trials (RCTs). Methods: We conducted systematic review of RCTs. We searched MEDLINE, CENTRAL and ClinicalTrials. gov. Any commercial product, any types of participants and any health-related outcomes were eligible. Two authors independently screened studies and extracted data. Cochrane risk of bias tool was used. This review did not have any extramural funding. Registration: PROSPERO record no. 42016043539. Results: We included 30 RCTs that were conducted on healthy or ill participants. Most of the trials reported beneficial effect of beta-glucan, but among the 105 different outcome domains and measures that were used, only three could be considered clinically relevant, while others were various biomarkers and surrogate outcomes such as complete blood count. Included studies on average had 33 participants per study arm, high or unclear risk of bias of at least one domain, and only half of them reported data for safety. More than half of trials that reported source of funding indicated commercial sponsorship from producers of beta-glucan. Only five RCTs reported trial registration. Conclusions: Commercial beta-glucan products were studied in a number of RCTs whose results can be considered only as preliminary, as they used small number of participants and surrogate outcomes. The quality of many studies was poor and further research and trials on bigger population should be performed before a final conclusion can be made.
Keywords: Beta-glucan | Systematic review | Evidence | Randomized controlled trial | Research waste
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3 Safety management in construction: 20 years of risk modeling
مدیریت ایمنی در ساخت : 20 سال مدل سازی ریسک-2020
Construction industry has one of the highest rates of fatalities and injuries compared to other industries, despite technological advancements and implementations of occupational health and safety initiatives. In this paper, a systematic review has been conducted on the contemporary literature of safety risk management. The interface with system modeling has been investigated to identify correlations between the two, and opportunities for improving project performance metrics such as quality, productivity, and cost. Findings show that simulation and optimization technics have advanced in the past 20 years but there is room for improvement when it comes to modeling safety related risks. This review paper contributes to the literature of safety management by providing insight into dynamics of different simulation and optimization modeling techniques. Future research opportunities have been identified including the need for construction safety research on integrating multimethod modeling approaches.
Keywords: Health and safety management | Integrated system modeling | Optimization and Simulation | Quality management | Risk monitoring and control | Scientometric analysis
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4 Sensor-based safety management
مدیریت ایمنی مبتنی بر سنسور-2020
The construction industry has one of the most hazardous working environments worldwide, which accounts for about 1 in every 5 occupational fatalities. The high rates of workplace injuries, illnesses and fatalities cause irreversible harm to workers and are often the source of delays and additional project costs. Improvements in sensor technologies, wireless communication, the processing power of computers, and advancements in machine learning and computer vision are now enabling the development of sensor-based safety management systems. The rapid growth of Building Information Modelling (BIM) has also created opportunities for improving safety management. While considerable progress has been made to improve construction safety, few studies have focused on the integration of sensor-based systems and BIM. This research, which is motivated by the development of such integrated methods, carries out a systematic review of the relevant literature, summarising recent developments of sensor-based safety management systems and advancements in safety management through BIM. The research gaps are identified and an outline for potential future research is provided. The results of the review reveal the potential of combining sensor-driven systems with BIM for improving safety management in construction.
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5 A systematic review on green human resource management: Implications for social sustainability
یک بررسی منظم در مدیریت منابع انسانی سبز: پیامدهای پایداری اجتماعی-2020
This article identifies current progressions and research gaps in Green Human Resource Management literature and investigates the future of green practices in meeting the social sustainability requirements of an organisation. Considering the growing awareness on greening and sustainability, a systematic review of the domain specific literature was carried out using the Scopus and Google Scholar databases which resulted in a set of 174 scientific articles between 1995 and 2019. NVivo Plus software version 12 was used for quantitative processing as well as qualitative analysis of data. Content coding and cluster analysis were performed, the results of which exhibited three clusters namely, green human resource management practices, employee green behaviour at workplace and organisational sustainability. Further manual analysis revealed social sustainability to be the least explored area than economic and environmental pillars of sustainability. From this, the authors conceptually explored a theoretical model suggesting the mediational role of ‘employee green behaviour at workplace’ in the relationship between ‘green human resource management practices’ and ‘social sustainability’ of organisations using grounded theory approach. Therefore, prioritising social equity, health, wellness and well-being, this work examines the state-of-the-art in green human resource management research to unravel the enormous potential of core green practices envisioning social sustainability, which has not been established till date. Based on the content coding, clustering, and further analysis, propositions, future paths and implications are also presented.
Keywords: Green human resource management | practices | Employee green behaviour at workplace | Organisational sustainability | Sustainable human resource management | Social sustainability | Content analysis
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6 Construction and demolition waste management contributing factors coupled with reduce, reuse, and recycle strategies for effective waste management: A review
عوامل موثر در کاهش ساخت و ساز و مدیریت زباله های فاضلاب استفاده مجدد و بازیافت استراتژی ها برای مدیریت مؤثر زباله: مرور-2020
Construction and demolition waste (C&DW) as a direct consequence of rapid urbanization is increasing around the world. C&DW generation has been identified as one of the major issues in the construction industry due to its direct impacts on the environment as well as the efficiency of construction industry. It is estimated that an overall of 35% of C&DW is landfilled globally, therefore, effective C&DW management is crucial in order to minimize detrimental impacts of C&DW for the environment. As the industry cannot continue to practice if the resources on which it depends are depleted, C&DWmanagement needs to be implemented in an effective way. Despite considering many well-developed strategies for C&DW management, the outputs of the implementation of these strategies is far from optimum. The main reason of this inefficiency is due to inadequate understanding of principal factors, which play a vital role in C&DWmanagement. Therefore, the aim of this research is to critically scrutinize the concept of C&DW and its managerial issues in a systematic way to come up with the effective C&DWmanagement. In order to achieve this aim, and based on a systematic review of 97 research papers relevant to effective C&DW management, this research considers two main categories as fundamental factors affecting C&DW management namely, C&DW management hierarchy including reduce, reuse, and recycle strategies, and effective C&DW management contributing factors, including C&DW management from sustainability perspective, C&DW stakeholders’ attitudes, C&DW project life cycle, and C&DW management tools. Subsequently, these factors are discussed in detail and findings are scrutinized in order to clarify current and future practices of C&DW management from both academic and practical perspectives.
Keywords: Construction and demolition waste | management | Construction and demolition waste | management hierarchy | Effective construction and demolition waste | management contributing factors | Effective construction and demolition waste | management
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7 Positive psychology and tourist well-being: A systematic literature review
روانشناسی مثبت و تندرستی توریست : بررسی منظم ادبیات-2020
This paper examines the current state of research on well-being from tourism from the lens of positive psychology. A systematic review of 82 peer-reviewed articles published in English-language tourism journals indicate that tourist well-being is predominantly examined as a consequence of travel, rather than linked to tourism marketing and management. This study presents a conceptual framework of the antecedents, episodes and consequences of tourist well-being. Practically, results suggest strategies on how well-being can be used to generate better outcomes for tourism marketers and managers. By mapping what is known in the intersection between positive psychology and tourist well-being, this study identifies existing gaps and opportunities for future research in this area.
Keywords: Positive psychology | Tourist well-being | Tourism marketing and management | Systematic literature review
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8 Integrative systematic review meta-analysis and bioinformatics identifies MicroRNA-21 and its target genes as biomarkers for colorectal adenocarcinoma
متاآنالیز سیستماتیک یکپارچه و تجزیه و تحلیل بیوانفورماتیک شناسایی MicroRNA-21 و ژن های هدف آن به عنوان نشانگرهای تجاری برای آدنوکارسینوم روده بزرگ-2020
Background: Advanced colorectal has poor survival and are difficult to treat. Therefore, there is an urgent need for biomarkers to diagnose this cancer at earlier manageable stages. Micro-RNAs (miRNAs) are amongst the most significant biomarkers that have shown promise in improving management and early detection of different types of cancers. However, since MiRNAs are non-coding, the main limitation of using them as biomarkers is that they do not have associated phenotype and therefore difficult to validate using other techniques. This makes it difficult to understand the mechanism of miRNA is disease initiation and progression, therefore any methodology that can provide semantics to miRNA expression would enhance the understanding of the role of miRNA in disease. Methods: Here we report an integrative meta-analysis and bioinformatics methodology that showed microRNA- 21 and its associated target mRNA to be the most significant predictive biomarkers for colorectal adenoma and adenocarcinoma. After drawing key inferences by meta-analysis, the authors then developed a bioinformatics method to identify mir-21 gene targeting in a specific tissue using two different bioinformatics approaches; absolute GSEA (Gene Set Enrichment Analysis) and LIMMA (Linear Models for MicroArray data) to identify differentially expressed genes of miRNA-21. Results: Results from GSEA intersection with mir-21 gene targets was a subset of longer gene list that was obtained from the GEO2R intersect. In our study, both of longer GEO2R gene target list and the more focused GSEA list established the fact that mir-21 target numerous functional pathways that are mostly interconnected. Our three steps bioinformatics approach identified ABCB1, HPGD, BCL2, TIAM1, TLR3, and PDCD4 as common targets for mir-21 in both of adenoma as well as adenocarcinoma suggesting they are biomarkers for early CRC. Conclusions: The approach in this study proposed combining the big data from the scientific literature together with novel bioinformatics to bring about a methodology that can be used to first identify which microRNAs are involved in a specific disease, and then to identify a panel of biomarkers derived from the microRNAs target genes, and from these target genes the functional significance of these microRNAs can be inferred providing better clinical value for the surgeon
Keywords: Tissue/serum microRNA-21 | Biomarkers | Colorectal cancer | Bioinformatics
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9 A systematic review of quantitative risk analysis in construction of mega projects
بررسی سیستماتیک تحلیل کمی ریسک در ساخت پروژه های مگا-2020
Mega projects (MP) require efficient management of risks during their construction. Therefore, it is crucial to identify any possible deviations towards meeting their objectives. Such deviation forced MP to be delivered behind schedule and over budget. According references, MP does not require only qualitative analysis but requires an accurate quantitative analysis based on knowledge and practice. Thus, this paper aims to undergo a systematic review of quantitative analysis literature in construction of worldwide MP, with the utmost aim to improve contractors quantitative risk analysis practices in the presence of uncertainty. A time line was produced which shows the process of quantitative risk analysis in this literature including the past six years from 2013 to 2018. This was followed by a critical analysis in order to account for quantitative risk analysis techniques highlighted throughout literature sources. Furthermore, the paper reviews the literature of worldwide mega projects by which quantitative risk analysis process was practiced. It was observed that Monte Carlo analysis technique has succeeded in supporting project managers in allocating deviations in the objectives of MP. The paper adds value to practitioners using the process of quantitative risk analysis as well as contractors working on construction of MP.
Keywords: Quantitative risk analysis | Risk management | Monte Carlo analysis | Mega projects (MP)
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10 Blockchain for 5G-enabled IoT for industrial automation: A systematic review, solutions, and challenges
بلاکچین برای 5G IoT را برای اتوماسیون صنعتی: مرور سیستماتیک ، راه حل ها و چالش ها-2019
Internet-of-Things (IoT) has made ubiquitous computing a reality by extending Internet connectivity in various applications deployed across the globe. IoT connect billions of objects together for high speed data transfer especially in 5G-enabled industrial environment during information collection and processing. Most of the issues such as access control mechanism, time to fetch the data from different devices and protocols used may not be applicable infor future applications as these protocols are based upon a centralized architecture. This centralized architecture may have a single point of failure alongwith the computational overhead. So, there is a need for an efficient decentralized access control mechanism for device-to-device (D2D) communication in various industrial sectors IoTenabled industrial automation. In such an environment, security and privacy preservation are major concerns as most of the solutions are based upon the centralized architecture. To mitigate the aforementioned issues, in this paper, we present an in-depth survey of stateof- the-art proposals having 5G-enabled IoT as a backbone for blockchain-based industrial automation for the applications such as-Smart city, Smart Home, Healthcare 4.0, Smart Agriculture, Autonomous vehicles and Supply chain management. From the existing proposals, it has been observed that blockchain can revolutionize most of the current and future industrial applications in different sectors by providing a fine-grained decentralized access control. Various transactions and database logs can be traced efficiently using blockchain for consistency and preivacy preservation in the aforementiioned industrial sectors. The open issues and challenges of 5G-enabled IoT for blockchain-based Industrial automation are also analyzed in the text. Finally, a comparison of existing proposals with respect to various parameters is presented which allows the end users to select one of the proposals in comparison to its merits over the others.
Keywords: Security | Blockchain | IoT | 5G | Healthcare 4.0 | Industrial automation
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