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1 Multi-item bi-level supply chain planning with multiple remanufacturing of reusable by-products
برنامه ریزی زنجیره تامین چند بخشی دو سطحی با بازساخت چندگانه محصولات فرعی قابل استفاده مجدد-2018
In this paper, we investigate a multi-item production planning problem in which remanufacturable raw materials are used for manufacturing the final products. The used raw material (considered as a kind of by-product) needs to be remanufactured before being suitable to be used again to manufacture other final products. However, by-products can be remanufactured only a given number of times. The manufacturing and remanufacturing processes are performed in separated production processes with limited capacity. Each product may be produced using specific raw material references (newly purchased and/or remanufactured). The original industrial case study is based on the supply chain of Silicon-On-Insulator fabrication units. The problem is modeled as a mixed-integer linear mathematical program. Using numerical examples based on industrial data, the model is validated and its behavior is analyzed. Finally, some industrial and academic perspectives to this study are proposed.
keywords: Closed-loop supply chain planning |By-production |Remanufacturing |Bi-level capacitated lot-sizing
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2 تجارت الکترونیک با استفاده از تجمیع و جهانی سازی مدیریت زنجیره تامین
سال انتشار: 2018 - تعداد صفحات فایل pdf انگلیسی: 3 - تعداد صفحات فایل doc فارسی: 7
از تامین‌کنندگان از طریق مونتاژ و پخش خریدار، مدیریت زنجیره تامین (SCM) به اجتناب از اداره مواد می‌پردازد و با استفاده از داده‌ها به پشتیبانی از شبکه تولید می‌پردازد. SCM با مدیریت سر و کار دارد و جریان‌های اقلام را تغییر می‌دهد به عبارتی دیگر به مراقبت از مرجوعات مشتری و استقاده مجدد از اقلام دور انداخته شده می‌پردازد. SCM عمدتا با موجودی‌ سر و کار دارد و به مدیریت موجودی کالا در نواحی مختلفی می‌پردازد که این نواحی باید به شکلی مرتب هماهنگ شوند و برای شرکت‌های مختلف به هماهنگی مواد خام، تراکنش‌های مالی و داده‌ها می‌پردازد. بنا به دلایل مختلفی SCM در طی سال‌ها هواداران زیادی پیدا کرده است. حرکتی که توسط یک فرد انجام می‌شود می‌تواند تاثیر بالایی در SCM داشته باشد که این موضوع برای مدیران حوزه کسب و کار به خوبی شناخته شده است. از موجودی به شبکه‌های رقابتی، رقابت شرکت‌ها با یکدیگر با ایجاد هم چشمی ایجاد شده است. برای توسعه، شرکت‌ها ضایعات را تخریب می‌کنند و با ارائه‌دهندگان و مشتریان برای خدماتی بهتر هماهنگ می‌شوند.
کلمات کلیدی: مدیریت زنجیره تامین (SCM) | شبکه تولید | مواد خام.
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3 Inventory component volatility and its relation to returns
فراریت مولفه انبارداری و رابطه آن با بازگشت ها-2018
Members of manufacturing supply chains have to take many risks. Prior academic work emphasizes that inventory management is one of the pivotal sources for operational risks, particularly in terms of inventory volatility and excess inventory. Recent research shows that total inventory volatility not only poses a threat to a firms operational performance, but also increases a firms abnormal stock returns. However, the volatility impact of the three underlying inventory components—raw materials, work-in-process, and finished goods—is still unresolved. We argue that the relationship between inventory volatility and stock returns differs between the three inventory components since they each relate to different stages of the supply chain. Using a sample of U.S. manufacturing firms over the period 2005 to 2013, we empirically examine the relationship between inventory component volatility and stock returns. We find a significant positive association between work-in-process inventory volatility and stock returns, a significant negative association between finished goods inventory volatility and stock returns, and no significant association between raw material inventory volatility and stock returns. In additional analyses, we find that types of industry dynamism influence these relationships. The results of this study provide a more detailed picture regarding the investor perception of inventory dynamics.
keywords: Operational risk |Inventory management |Stock returns |Raw material |Work-in-process |Finished goods
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4 System dynamics applied to closed loop supply chains of desktops and laptops in Brazil: A perspective for social inclusion of waste pickers
پویایی سیستم در زنجیره تامین حلقه بسته دسکتاپ و لپ تاپ ها در برزیل: یک چشم انداز برای پذیرش اجتماعی جمع کننده های ضایعات-2017
The structure of reverse logistics for waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) is essential to minimize the impacts of their improper disposal. In this context, the Brazilian Solid Waste Policy (BSWP) was a regulatory milestone in Brazil, submitting WEEE to the mandatory implementation of reverse logistics systems, involving the integration of waste pickers on the shared responsibility for the life cycle of products. This article aims to measure the impact of such legal incentives and the bargain ing power obtained by the volume of collected waste on the effective formalization of waste pickers. The proposed model evaluates the sustainability of supply chains in terms of the use of raw materials due to disposal fees, collection, recycling and return of some materials from desktops and laptops using system dynamics methodology. The results show that even in the absence of bargaining power, the formalization of waste pickers occurs due to legal incentives. It is important to ensure the waste pickers cooperatives access to a minimum amount, which requires a level of protection against unfair competition with com panies. Regarding the optimal level of environmental policies, even though the formalization time is long, it is still not enough to guarantee the formalization of waste picker cooperatives, which is dependent on their bargaining power. Steel is the material with the largest decrease in acquisition rate of raw material.
Keywords: Waste electrical and electronic equipment | Waste pickers | Brazilian solid waste policy |System dynamics |Reverse logistics
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5 Approximation schemes for parallel machine scheduling with non-renewable resources
طرح تقریبی برای برنامه ریزی موازی با منابع غیر قابل تجدید-2017
In this paper the approximability of parallel machine scheduling problems with resource consuming jobs is studied. In these problems, in addition to a parallel machine environment, there are non-renewable resources, like raw materials, energy, or money, consumed by the jobs. Each resource has an initial stock, and some additional supplies at a-priori known moments in time and in known quantities. The schedules must respect the resource constraints as well. The optimization objective is either the makespan, or the maximum lateness. Polynomial time approximation schemes are provided under various assumptions, and it is shown that the makespan minimization problem is APX-complete if the number of machines is part of the input even if there are only two resources.
Keywords: Scheduling | Parallel machines | Non-renewable resources | Approximation schemes
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6 Life Cycle Assessment of organic and conventional apple supply chains in the North of Italy
ارزیابی چرخه حیات زنجیره تامین آلی و معروف سیب در شمال ایتالیا-2017
This paper compares the energy and environmental impacts of organic and conventional apples culti vated in the North of Italy, by applying the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) methodology. The authors examined the supply chain of apples, including the input of raw materials and energy sources, the farming step, the post-harvest processes and the distribution of apples to the final users. The paper develops two original contributions: 1) it enhances the limited number of studies on LCA applied to apples; 2) it compares organic and conventional apples produced in lands characterized by the same climatic conditions, to evaluate which of the two products is more competitive from an energy and environmental point of view. The results showed that, despite a lower productivity, preferring organic apples versus conventional apples could help to reduce the environmental impacts for most of the examined impact categories. With a few exceptions, differences lower than 7% occur between the eco-profiles of the two examined products. A relevant share of the primary energy consumption and almost all of the examined environmental impacts are caused by the post-harvest processes and by transport to the final users, assuming that the products are distributed on local, national and international markets. Furthermore, a detailed analysis of the farming step showed that a significant share in the overall energy and environmental impacts is due to the use of fertilizers and pesticides and to diesel con sumption of agricultural machines.
Keywords: Apples | Life cycle assessment | Organic | Conventional |Energy | Environmental impacts
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7 A graph theory-based methodology for vulnerability assessment of supply chains using the life cycle inventory database
یک روش مبتنی بر نظریه گراف برای ارزیابی آسیب پذیری زنجیره های تامین با استفاده از پایگاه داده موجودی-2017
Owing to the growing number of risk factors that can be triggered by natural and manmade disasters, management of disruption risks in supply chains has become increasingly significant. Since the market concentration of raw material suppliers is a determinant of the supply disruption risk, identification of raw materials vital in a supply chain and concurrently whose markets are highly concentrated will help supply chain risk management. In this study, we develop a graph theory-based methodology for assessing supply chain vulnerability to disruption risks by using the life cycle inventory (LCI) database as a data source for nationwide supply chains. A supply chain structure, i.e., raw material-to-product links and overall chain, is modeled by a directed graph and its adjacency matrix, adapted from physical input–output data in the LCI database. The reachability components in the supply chain are identified by Boolean matrix calculations. Vulnerability indicators for each reachability component are determined on the basis of market concentration as measured by the Herfindahl–Hirschman Index in terms of domestic production regions and import partners as a proxy for the extent of supply disruption risks. The method ology developed is demonstrated using the national-level LCI database of Japan, and vulnerability factors are presented for 23 types of Japanese synthetic resins.
Keywords: Supply chain risk management | Disruption risk | Supply chain vulnerability | Graph theory | Life cycle inventory database | Market concentration
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8 برنامه های جدید و تقاطعی آموزش کارآفرینی و نوآوری در سطح سوم آموزشی
سال انتشار: 2017 - تعداد صفحات فایل pdf انگلیسی: 23 - تعداد صفحات فایل doc فارسی: 45
سرمایه داری رواج یافته است و نیازمند دانش روزافزون کارآفرینان می باشد، افراد خلاقی که قابلیت حل مسائل را به شکل نوآورانه دارند. انواع شرکتهای کارآفرین که آنها خلق می کنند می تواند اجتماعی، عمومی یا خصوصی باشد. ازطریق خلق یک شرکت کارآفرین، محصولات جدید و روشهای جدید تولید می تواند معرفی شود، بازاهای جدیدی باز شوند، منابع جدیدی از مواد خام و مواد ورودی ایجاد شود و ساختارهای جدیدی از بازار در یک صنعت خلق شود. کارآفرینی می تواند تدریس شود، سوال، چگونگی انجام این کار است. تدریس کارآفرینی باید فراتر از برنامه تجاری باشد. این کار یک شکلی را پیشنهاد می کند که بر اشتباهات یافت شده توسط نویسنده در دو مطالعه تحقیقی در سال 2008 و 2014 در برنامه های مدیریتی در دانشگاه بوگوتا غلبه می کند.
کلیدواژه ها: کارآفرینی | آموزش | دانشگاه | شرکت تجاری | خلاقیت و نوآوری
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9 Radiological evaluation of by-products used in construction and alternative applications; Part I: Preparation of a natural radioactivity database
ارزیابی رادیولوژیکی محصولات جانبی مورد استفاده در ساخت و ساز و کاربرد های جایگزین؛ قسمت اول: تهیه یک پایگاه داده رادیواکتیو طبیعی-2017
To get an insight into the radiological features of potentially reusable by-products in the construction industry a review of the reported scientific data is necessary. This study is based on the continuously growing database of the By-BM (H2020-MSCA-IF-2015) project (By-products for Building Materials). Selection criteria were defined for manual data mining in such a way to avoid the collection of too hetero geneous datasets. Currently, the By-BM database contains individual data of about 431 by-products and 1095 construction and raw materials. The By-BM database only consists out of measurement information on individual samples and not out of processed data that only gives a rough summary (such as only a range or average) of experimental results. As a consequence of the statistical analysis of the data, it was found that in the case of the construction materials the natural isotope content had a wider distri bution than the by-products. However, the average of the Ra-226, Th-232 and K-40 contents of reported by-products were 2.00, 2.11 and 0.48, while the median was found 1.97, 1.24 and 0.53 times higher than the construction materials, respectively. The calculated Radium equivalent concertation was greater than the accepted value for residential properties of 370 Bq/kg in the event of 10.3% of total construction mate rials and 42.4% of by-products, while the I-indexes were above 1.0 index value with 17.3% and 58.2%, respectively. From the obtained data, it can be concluded that the reuse of industrial by-products in con struction materials for residential purposes, without due diligence, can pose elevated risks to residents as a result of their high-volume usage.
Keywords: By-products | Building materials | Reuse | Natural radiation | Database | I-index | Mixing
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10 مروری بر موجودی چرخه عمر آب در تولید بتن
سال انتشار: 2017 - تعداد صفحات فایل pdf انگلیسی: 24 - تعداد صفحات فایل doc فارسی: 54
مصرف زیاد آب و تولید فاضلآب در صنعت بتن یکی از مسائل مهم محیط زیستی است؛ با این حال، داده های موجودی آب برای تولید بتن و مواد خام آن محدود و متناقض هستند. استفاده از آب برای اجزا (مصالح و سیمان) و فرایند های مختلف در تولید بتن از لحظه آبتدایی تا انتهای آن با ارقام موجودی آب شناسایی شده اند. پراکندگی زیادی وجود دارد. هدف این مقاله مرور روش های فهرست بندی آب مختلف و درک پیامد های آن ها بر روی شکل های مصرف آب در چرخه عمر بتن برای فهم پراکندگی گسترده داده های موجودی که در مقالات یافت شده است، است. پیامدهای روش های مختلف در ارقام موجودی آب با یک سناریوی تولید بتن فرضی آزمایش شدند. سناریوی موردی ما نشان داد که روش می تواند منجر به نتایجی شود که با یک فاکتور تقریبی 3-4 تفاوت پیدا کنند. داده های در دسترس درباره مصرف آب باید به دقت توسط شاغلین LCA و تصمیم گیرندگان صنایع مورد استفاده قرار بگیرد. این مطالعه به این نتیجه رسیده است که نیازی برای وحدت روش های موجودی آب وجود دارد تا داده هایی داشته باشیم که کاملا قآبل مقایسه باشند. فهم روش های موجودی آب منجر به موجودی آب جزیی تر و شفاف تری می شود و در نتیجه ارزیآبی دقیق تری ممکن خواهد بود. نتایج مورد علاقه جامعه پژوهشی و همچنین ذینفعان صنایع سیمان و بتن است که به دنبال توسعه پایدار محصولات خود هستند.
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